María Luisa Rosal - SOA Watch Field Organizer has 2 events scheduled in Austin
Militarization and Forced Migration, 3701 E Martín Luther King, Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
The film Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, Howson Hall, 4700 Grover Ave. Austin, 78756, Thursday, October 29 at 6:45pm - 8:45pm

Cuba-US relations, July 26, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Nashua Chantal and Eve Tetaz cross the line at Ft Benning

Anton Flores, Jason McGaughey, Kevin Caron, Maureen Fitzsimons, Rebecca Kanner cross line at Stewart Detention Center

INM and Army: Stop attacking defenders of migrants

Ecology and Climate Justice Delegation to Peru

11th annual Women and Fair Trade Festival

New York Times Belatedly Admits role attacking Gary Webb on his Contra-Cocaine reporting

Ex-President Flores Jailed, Legislative Commission Calls to Broaden Investigation

Mexican authorities to confirm if missing students among the dead in a recently discovered mass grave

The exposure of Eugene Hasenfus and the Iran Contra Scandal

New progressive economic measures by the Venezuelan government: Venezuelan Government takes over closed factory, workers to restart production

Who is Venezuelan Terror Plotter, Lorent Saleh? Four Former Latin American Presidents Just Might Know

Martial Law Declared Again in Conflict Over Natural Resources

Former Guatemalan police chief to stand trial for 1980 Spanish Embassy fire that killed 37

Salvadoran secret military archives discovered

Maduro Meets with Community Leaders in the Bronx, Invites Puerto Rico to join ALBA

Venezuela rejects capitalist model as a way to save the planet

Video from the trial of Ex-dictator Ríos Montt
también en Español

Guatemalan court strike down Ex-dictator Ríos Montt sentence for genocide

Ex-dictator Ríos Montt convicted of genocide for 1980s abuses

Lisa Sullivan analysis of Chavez re election

Inside Story, The SOA, Class over?

Nicaragua says No Mas

Mitt Romney linked to Salvadoran death squads

Mike Walli one of the 2009 SOA Watch 4, helps shut down a Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility

Ecuador pulls out of SOA!

Video from SOA Watch April Days of Action, 2012

April Days of Action mobilizing video

Please call your rep and ask them to sign rep. Janice D. Schakowsky's dear colleague letter "Support Human Rights in Honduras". Ask for the email address of their foreign policy aid and send this report from the Center for Constitutional Rights to them. Honduras Report

Theresa M. Cusimano was released July 11, 2012 after serving six months in federal prison for entering Fort Benning during the 2011 SOA Watch Vigil.

An Israeli defence consultancy is assisting with dirty work in Colombia previously monopolised by the United States.

UT initiates Documentos Digitalizados del Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional de Guatemala
Currently this archive contains about 10 million images of what will eventually be 80 million when all the documents are scanned

Links to 2011 Vigil news
Direct Action

SOA Watch and Whie Rose activist Chris Spicer crosses the line at Stewart Detention Center vigil
Full story

Costa Rican Attorney Sues to Stop SOA Training
San Jose, Nov 14th, 2011. On nov 13th, 2011, Lawyer and peace advocate Luis Roberto Zamora, known for his legal achievements, such as the withdrawal of Costa Rica from the Coalition of the willing that invaded Iraq, the declaration of unconstitutionality of ar machinery and weapons in Costa Rica, and the recognition of the Right to Peace in the country, filed suit before the Supreme Court against the Costa Rican government, requesting the declaration of unconstitutionality of the sending of police to receive training at military schools, particularly, the School of the Americas. The lawyer argues the the 2007 declaration, made by President and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias, in terms of not sending more police to the School of the Americas, for its known human rights violations record, constitutes a unilateral obligation of international law, binding for the Government of Costa Rica, consequently, the sending of police couldn't have resumed. In addition, and as wikileaks revealed in March 2011, Security Ministry and Oscar Arias, bending over US Embassy pressure, agreed on an ilegal plan to get police sent again to the School of Assasins. According to the cable, Fernando Berrocal would request Arias permission to send cops again to the military school, and Arias wouldn't reply, so Berrocal would understand that the request was granted. Such action has been claimed by the lawyer both contrary to the law and contrary to the binding principle of good faith. The lawyer also argues that any relation to such schools results incompatible with the Costa Rican peace constitution and as such, should be prohibited.

Court dismisses charges against the SOA Watch White House 15
Full story

Guatemalan General Héctor Mario López Fuentes an SOA grad arrested for genocide.
Full story

Taxpayers $ wasted
attempting to lure Costa Rican students back to the SOA. WikiLeaks has posted two cables from the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica that offer insight into the U.S. pressure to keep the SOA/ WHINSEC in business.

Read the cables here:
Cable 1
Cable 2

The 2009 SOA Watch 4 have completed their sentences and been released.

Click here for Columbus Ledger Story
Link to KOOP interview with Ken
Link to Austin Citysphere interview
Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera

ATCF organizes quarterly delegations to visit maquiladora workers and communities along the Mexico-U.S. border. The Comite' Fronterizo de Obreras (CFO: Border Committee of Women Workers) hosts each group's visit, enabling U.S. delegates to meet with workers who are defending human rights, justice and dignity in a harsh labor environment.

The Sanctuary of Presente
by Kenneth Kennon

The fence of violence was transformed
Once again
Into an unseasonable sacred space
A sanctuary of nonviolence
By the power of the spirit

Festooned on chain-links and barbed wire
White crosses and stars hung
Carrying names of the dead
Their holy images
And banners with messages of hope

This quiet metamorphosis
Emerged from simple acts of many hands
As tears welled
The remembered rang through stately wood
Of brilliant and falling autumn leaves

In solemn preparation
Of a joyous spring


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SOAW Austin Statement on Child Migrants
Migrant children are not the problem. US policies are the problem. The children are not responsible for these policies. They weren’t born when US interventions were subverting democracy in Guatemala and El Salvador. They did not send $1 million per day to the death squad government of El Salvador in the 1980’s. The children did not support Rios Mont’s genocidal policies in Guatemala. They did not train the Zetas or the generals responsible for the coup in Honduras. The USA did that. The children are not pushing neoliberal economic policies for the benefit of multinational corporations. The children are not waging a disastrous failed drug war. The USA is. Today the USA wants Mexico to send children back before they reach the US border. The children are evidence of failed policies and US politicians don’t want to see that evidence. The policy makers are in denial. They will not change their policies if they do not recognize the problems they cause. So today I ask the people of Mexico to help them. Do not send the children back. Help them get to the border and force the policy makers in the US to confront the results of their policies. Migrant children are not the problem, they are an imperative. As Christians we are called to welcome, shelter and love them.

SOAW Austin Opinión de la situación en la frontera

Los niños migrantes no son el problema. El problema son las políticas estadounidenses. Los niños no son responsables de estas políticas. Ellos no nacieron cuando las intervenciones de Estados Unidos fueron subvertir la democracia en Guatemala y El Salvador. No desatendían $ 1 millón por día al gobierno de escuadrón de la muerte del Salvador en la década de 1980. Los niños no apoyaron las políticas genocidas de Rios Mont en Guatemala. No entrenan los Zetas o los generales responsables del golpe de estado en Honduras. Los Estados Unidos lo hizo. Los niños no están empujando las políticas económicas neoliberales en beneficio de las empresas multinacionales. Los niños no libran una guerra desastrosa drogas fallidas. Estados Unidos es. Hoy los Estados Unidos quiere México para enviar a los niños antes de que lleguen a la frontera con Estados Unidos. Los niños son evidencia del fracaso de las políticas y los políticos estadounidenses no quieren ver esa evidencia. Los legisladores lo niegan. No cambiarán sus políticas si no se reconocen los problemas que causan. Así que hoy les pido al pueblo de México para ayudarles. No mandar a los niños atrás. Ayudarles a llegar a la frontera y obligar a los legisladores en los Estados Unidos para hacer frente a los resultados de sus políticas. Los niños migrantes no son el problema, son un imperativo. Como cristianos estamos llamados a dar la Bienvenida, dar refugio y a amarlos.