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Nonviolent Direct Action has been the backbone of the movement to close the SOA. Countless actions have taken place in this country as well as in Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Austria, France, Germany and other countries around the world. Hundreds have put their bodies on the line, fasted and vigiled and many have gotten arrested for speaking out against the violence perpetrated by the SOA and US foreign policy.

Among these are people who took action at the Pentagon, 30 SOA Watch activists who spent up to five days in jail after being arrested in a civil disobedience action against the IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington DC; nine people who reenacted a massacre of Latin American peasants by SOA graduates in the street in front of Philadelphia's City Hall on the first day of the 2000 Republican National Convention; eight people who refused to leave Senator Peter Fitzgerald's office in Chicago until they would get an appointment with him; 31 people who erected a Global Village in front of the gates of Fort Benning and engaged in jail solidarity. SOA Watch activists were arrested at the headquarters of the Monsanto corporation, locked down in the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter conference and for dozens acts of civil disobedience on the military base Fort Benning, GA.

The following chronology lists those who have been sentenced to federal prisons across the United States for acts of nonviolent civil disobedience calling for a more just world.
You can scroll through the entire list or if you prefer just click on the links below for a specific year.

1983 - 1990 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012

August 1983:

While the US-fueled war in El Salvador was raging, three activists, dressed as high-ranking military officers, walked onto Fort Benning to the barracks of the Salvadoran soldiers who were receiving combat training. As it became dark and the lights went out, the three scaled a tree next to the barracks and with a boombox blasted Archbishop Oscar Romero's last homily into the night. Oscar Romero called in this homily onto the people of the Army to disobey their superiors who tell them to kill their own people (excerpt). Oscar Romero was killed by graduates of the SOA. Linda Ventimiglia, Father Larry Rosebaugh and Father Roy Bourgeois were arrested and sentenced to federal prison.

  • Linda Ventimiglia: 15 months
  • Fr. Larry Rosebaugh: 15 months
  • Fr. Roy Bourgeois: 18 months.

The "POC Activists of November 1990"

November 1990:

Father Roy Bourgeois and brothers Charlie and Patrick Liteky entered the "Hall of Fame" inside the SOA headquarters and poured blood on photographs of SOA graduates and instructors. The "Hall of Fame" featured SOA graduates including military dictators, convicted torturers and murderers like Gen Hugo Banzer Suirez, Gen Rafael Molina, Gen Hernan Jose Guzman Rodriguez, Gen. Manuel Jaime Guerrero Paz, and others.

  • Charlie Liteky: 9 months
  • Patrick Liteky: 9 months
  • Father Roy Bourgeois: 14 months

The "POC Activists 1994 and 1995"

November 1994:

Five activists were arrested at SOA headquarters for chaining doors and passing out leaflets to Latin American soldiers:

  • Fr. Bill Bichsel, SJ
  • Louie DeBenedette
  • Br. Fred Mercy, SJ
  • John X. Linnehan

November 1995:

Ten activists were arrested at Fort Benning for re-enacting the 1989 massacre in El Salvador of the six Jesuit priests, a co-worker and her teenage daughter.

April 1996:

Trial of "SOA 13" (those who participated in the November '94 & '95 actions).

  • Fr. Bill Bichsel: 4 months
  • Fr. Roy Bourgeois: 6 months
  • Bill Corrigan: 2 months
  • Will Prior: 2 months
  • Louie DeBenedette: 4 months
  • Bob Holstein: 2 months
  • Ed Kinane: 2 months
  • Joanne Lingel: 2 months
  • Ray Laporte: 2 months
  • John X. Linnehan: 2 months
  • Br. Fred Mercy: 2 months
  • Sr. Claire O'Mara: 2 months
  • Joe Zito: 2 months

The "SOA September and November 1997"

September 1997:

Five of seven activists edited the Ft. Benning enterance sign, reflecting Ft. Benning's complicity in the suffering and death caused by graduates of the SOA. Graduate student, Christopher Jones, and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Charlie Liteky also scaled two large trees to display a massive banner. The five received 8-12 month sentences, while Chris and Charlie were not charged. Besides the time they received for this action, all but Kathleen received an additional 6 months for "crossing the line" at Ft. Benning on November 17, 1997.

  • Charles Liteky, 64, San Francisco, CA. Recipient of Medal of Honor in Vietnam. Stationed at Fort Benning from 1985 - 1967. Former Catholic chaplain in U.S. Army. Now working as carpenter and Peace educator.
  • Sr Marge Eilerman, 60, Booneville, KY. Catholic nun with Sisters of Saint Francis Community of Tiffin, Ohio. Served the poor as missionary in Chiapas, Mexico for four years. Now working as staff for Colombia Support Network.
    8 month
  • Fr. Bill Bichsel, SJ, 69, Tacoma. WA. Catholic priest with Jesuit order. Has worked with the poor and homeless in the U.S. for decades. Now a member of the Catholic Worker community in Tacoma.
    12 months
  • Mary Trotochaud, 47, Atlanta, GA. U.S. citizen concerned about School of the Americas training dictators and human rights abusers with her tax money. Now a potter in Massachusetts.
    8 months
  • Christopher Jones, 23, Portland, OR. Graduate of Hampshire College, MA. Worked with the poor of Central America after college and has been a member of the Catholic Worker community in Tacoma which serves the poor and homeless. Chris is now an anthropology grad student in Louisiana.
  • Kathleen Rumpf, 46, Syracuse, NY, has been an activist in the Catholic Worker movement for over two decades and worked with the homeless in New York and Baltimore. Kathleen is a former plowshares prisoner of conscience.
    12 months
  • Ed Kinane, 52, Syracuse, NY Educated at a Jesuit university and worked with Peace Brigades International in El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. Now working as writer, editor and educator for peace and justice.
    8 months

Additionally, fines and restitution varied from $1,000 to $3,050 with two years supervised probation for each of the five felons.

November 1997:

More than 2,000 were in attendance at the gates of Ft. Benning to call for the closure of the SOA! 601 "crossed the line" in civil disobedience. Of the 601, thirty-one were "repeat offenders" and were brought to trial. Six had their charges dismissed, while 25 were sentenced to the maximum of 6 months in federal prison, and each fined $3,000.

  • Fr. Bill Bichsel, SJ, 69, Tacoma, WA Jesuit Priest, former Dean of Students Gonzaga U, MA Counseling, Catholic Worker, 29 yrs
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM, 59, Columbus, GA Maryknoll priest, co-director of SOA Watch, Vietnam Veteran, missionary in Bolivia and El Salvador.
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Rev. Dr. Nicholas Cardell, 72, Syracuse, NY Minister Emeritus, parish minister - 21 years, WWII Veteran & escaped POW
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Mary Earley, 67, N. Palm Beach, FL, MA Special Ed. - Fordham, a teacher & works with terminally ill children - 41 yrs
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Sara Cramer-Lucas, 54, Hilton Heap, NC, Director of Social Services
    charges dropped
  • Sr. Marge Eilerman, OSF, 60, Madison, WI Sister of St. Francis - 40 yrs, teacher, missionary, pastoral associate
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Sr. Mary Kay Flanigan, OSF, 65, Chicago, IL Sr. of St. Francis, MA Social Work, Co-coordinator 8th Day Center for Justice
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Anne Herman, 64, Binghamton, NY MA Applied Social Science, six children, three grandchildren, Christian Peacemaker Team member
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Paddy Inman, 52, Mead, WA, MA Education, three children, teacher - 28 yrs, farmer, past Chairman - Spokane Catholic Services
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Steve Jacobs, 42, Columbia, MO, nurse, Catholic Worker
    charges dropped
  • Christopher Jones, 23, Portland, OR BA Latin American Studies, doctoral candidate - Cultural Anthropology & Mayan Studies
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Tom Joseph, 66, Fabor, VA, Builder
    charges dropped
  • Rev. Ken Kennon, 62, Tucson, AZ MA of Divinity, five children, 15 grandchildren, Pastor, Director - Adult Care Homes, author of Prisoner of Conscience
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Ed Kinane, 53, Syracuse, NY, MA Anthropology, Editor, Teacher, Peace Brigades International - 10 yrs
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Dwight Lawton, 67, St. Petersburg, FL retired corporate executive, three children, National Farm Workers Ministry, Korea War Veteran
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Patrick Liteky, 65 Seattle, WA, peace activist
    charges dropped
  • Charlie Liteky, 65, San Francisco, CA, Medal of Honor Recipient
    charges dropped
  • Rita Lucey, 63, Orlando, FL four children, six grandchildren, MA in Pastoral Studies - Loyola Univ., retired AT&T supervisor
    6 months in prison, $3000 fine
  • Rick McDowell, 42, Wendell, MA, carpenter, Iraq delegation leader
    charges dropped
  • Bill McNulty, 62, Setauket, NY married - 41 yrs, six children, two grandchildren, teacher - 14 yrs, contractor - 20 yrs, Veteran
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Sr. Megan Rice, 67, Nigeria, Sister of Holy Child, MS Cellular Biology, Missionary in Africa - 30 yrs, Inner City Ministry
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Carol Richardson, 53, Columbus, OH, two children, United Methodist Minister - nine yrs, former co-director of SOA Watch
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Dan Sage, Ph.D., 70, Syracuse, NY married 51 yrs, Edylation - Prof. Emeritus Syracuse Univ. - 30 yrs, two children, three grandchildren
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Doris Sage, 68, Syracuse, NY married 51 yrs, Spec. Ed. Teacher -21 yrs, two children, three grandchildren, MS - Early Childhood, Storyteller
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Randy Serraglio, 34, Tucson, AZ, BA Latin American Studies, lobbyist - Central American issues, grassroots environmental activist
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Sr. Rita Steinhagen, CSJ, 70, Minneapolis, MN, Sr. of St. Joseph, medical technologist, works with homeless & victims of torture
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Richard Streb, Ph.D., 72, Roanoke, VA, Ph.D. History & Ed. - Columbia, Teacher - 16 yrs, WWII Veteran, one child, two grandchildren
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Ann Tiffany, 62, Syracuse, NY, MA Counseling/Psychology, four children, 12 grandchildren, mental health nurse & supervisor
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Mary Trotochaud, 47, Wendell, MA, one of 11 children, 25 nieces and nephews, potter, activist, married to Rick McDowell in prison.
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Judith Williams, 58, Waukesha, WI, three children, six grandchildren, Prof. of Music Therapy, founder Waukesha Catholic Worker
    6 months, $3000 fine
  • Ruthy Woodring, 24, Chicago, IL, student - University of IL - Spanish major, Catholic Worker community - 4 years
    6 months, $3000 fine

The "SOA April 1998"

April 1998:

Patrick Liteky was sentenced on April 10 for twice throwing red dye on the Pentagon in 1997. His identical protests on September 29 and October 20 were taken in support of the other efforts to close the SOA. Federal Judge James Cacheris permitted Patrick Liteky to read a statement prior to imposing a sentence of one year for each felony, to run concurrently. Additionally, Liteky was ordered to pay nearly $3000 in clean-up costs, which he does not intend to do.
While awaiting sentencing, Liteky traveled to Georgia and threw red dye on the walls of the School of the Americas on Ash Wednesday, February 25, 1998.

  • Patrick Liteky, 65 Seattle, WA, peace activist
    24 months

The "SOA 23"

November 1999

23 SOA Watch activists were charged for their participation in the November 1999 vigil to close the SOA. The charges against 13 were later dropped, while 10 people were sentenced to 3 to 12 months in federal prison in March 2000. Six of the activists whose charges had been dropped went after the sentencing back to Fort Benning, where they crossed the line and buried children's coffins in front of the SOA headquarters.
  • Brooks Anderson, 66, retired Lutheran Pastor, participated in Selma to Montgomery civil rights march, married, four children, nine grandchildren, Duluth, MN
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Judy Bierbaum, 43, children's sexual abuse therapist, Children's Champion Award in 1997, Governor's Outstanding Woman of New Mexico Award in 1998, Albuquerque, NM
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Thomas Bottolene, 50, Full-time, multi-issue nonviolent activist for peace and justice, father of 4, grandfather, graphic artist, organizer, St. Paul, MN
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Charles Butler, 73, retired United Methodist pastor, missionary in Panama for 25 years, Army veteran stationed at Ft. Benning, married, 3 children, Rochester, MN
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Kathleen Fisher, environmental chemist, Quaker, worked four years in Zimbabwe and Swaziland for Mennonite Central Committee, on staff of U.S. Grail, a nonprofit women'™s social justice and environmental organization, Portland, OR
    1 year probation, $1000 fine
  • Gerhard Fischer, 71, retired pharmacist/business person, U.S. Navy veteran of Korea conflict, Lutheran, married, 5 daughters, 9 grandchildren, Brookfield, WI
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • John Honeck, 39, residence counselor for mentally retarded adults, tutor, married, three children, Hamlin, NY
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Margaret Knapke, 47, natural therapeutics practitioner, worked with war-traumatized people from El Salvador, Master of Philosophy, Dayton, OH
    3 months, $2500 fine
  • Charles Liteky, 69, Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam, served six months in federal prison for previous SOA protest, married, San Francisco, CA
    12 months, $10,000 fine
  • Sr. Megan Rice, SHCJ, 70 Catholic Sister of the Holy Child Jesus, worked as a missionary in Nigeria and Ghana for 34 years, served 6 months for previous SOA protest, Nigeria
    6 months, $5000 fine

charges dismissed:

  • Charles Carney, Chicago, IL
  • Sr. Kathleen Desautels, Chicago, IL
  • Ann Huntwork, Portland, OR
  • Steven Jacobs, Columbia, MO
  • Sr. Mary Dennis Lentsch, Apison, TN
  • Linda Mashburn, Brevard, NC
  • Sr. Kathleen McCabe, Newton Square, PA
  • Sr. Dorothy Pagosa, Chicago, IL
  • Francisco Risso, Morganton, NC
  • Abby Schlaff, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Bruce Triggs, Tacoma, WA
  • Cliff Wilmeng, Homewood, IL
  • Steve Zavodnyik, Flagstaff, AZ

The "SOA 26"
November 2000

In May 2001, 26 people received sentences ranging from two years probation to one year in federal prison for acts of nonviolent civil disobedience at the School of the Americas in November 2000, in solidarity with the victims of SOA terrorist violence in Latin America.

  • David Corcoran: 67, Des Plaines, Illinois. hospital chaplain, married priest, father of three adopted Korean children.
    6 months, $1000 fine
  • Mary Lou Benson: 56, Brainerd, Minnesota. Homemaker, married, mother of four, sister of Martha Hayward, aunt of Rachel Hayward.
    6 months
  • Josh Raisler Cohn: 24, Portland, Oregon. Social and environmental justice activist.
    6 months, $1000 fine
  • Russell De Young: 54, Newport News, Virginia. NASA senior research scientist, married, father of two.
    6 months, $1000 fine
  • John Ewers: 66, Dayton, Ohio. retired NCR Corporation manager, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, married, father of four.
    6 months, $1000 fine
  • Jack Gilroy: 65, Endwell, New York, high school teacher, married, father of four.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Clare Hanrahan : 52, Asheville, North Carolina. freelance writer/journalist, gardener, mother of one.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Martha Hayward: 56, Negaunee, Michigan. Middle school teacher, married, mother of four (including Rachel)
    3 years probation, $3,000 fine
  • Rachel Louise Hayward: 19, Negaunee, Michigan. Student at Kalamazoo College, majoring in biology and Spanish, daughter of Martha.
    6 months
  • Sr. Dorothy M. Hennessey: 88, Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque Franciscan, peace worker, sister of Gwen.
    6 months
  • Sr. Gwen Hennessey: 68, Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque Franciscan, peace worker, sister of Dorothy.
    6 months
  • Rita Hohenshell: 76, Des Moines, Iowa. retired, mother of four, grandmother of five.
    3 months
  • William Houston: 72, Yellow Springs, Ohio. retired math professor, father of two, husband of Hazel Tuleke.
    6 months, $1000 fine
  • John Alfred Hunt Jr: 33, Boone, North Carolina. community educator and activist.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Steve Jacobs: 46, Columbia, Missouri. member of the St. Francis Catholic Worker, veteran and folksinger.
    One year
  • Rebecca Kanner: 43, Ann Arbor, Michigan. environmental educator, UAW member.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Joel Kilgour: 24, Duluth, Minnesota. baker in cooperative bakery, member of Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker.
    1 month
  • Richard John Kinane: 51, Boulder, Colorado. teacher and contemplative psychotherapist.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Sr. Elizabeth Anne McKenzie: 71, St. Paul, Minnesota. Retired teacher, Sister of St. Joseph.
    6 months
  • Karl Meyer: 63, Nashville, Tennessee. member of Nashville Greenland Community, activist with Catholic Worker movement for 44 years, defended himself pro se.
    6 months
  • Lois Putzier: 69, Tucson, Arizona. union organizer, married.
    6 months
  • Eric Robison: 21, Spokane, Washington. social justice activist.
    6 months, $500 fine
  • Sr. Miriam Spencer: 76, Bellevue, Washington. Member of Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, actively retired, 75.
    6 months
  • Kathryn Temple: 28, Asheville, North Carolina. Artist, writer, feminist.
    2 years probation, $500 fine
  • Hazel Tulecke: 77, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Retired, mother of four, wife of William Houston.
    3 months
  • Mary Alice Vaughan: 68, White Bear Lake, Minnesota. retired elementary school teacher, former Sister of St. Joseph of Peace.
    6 months, $150 fine

The "SOA 43"

April and November 2001

April 2001

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Pentagon and planted crosses at the Parade Grounds. Ten were arrested for spilling blood on government property, and blocking entrances to the building. Two were prosecuted.

  • Ally Styan: 18, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    3 days
  • Eric Robison: 21, Spokane Washington
    3 days

November 2001

A federal prosecutor filed charge against 43 SOA Watch activists who were among 10,000 who gathered in November 2001 to call for the closure to the School of the Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Charges against six of the 43 were dropped. Thirty-seven stood trial. one defendant was found not guilty, while all others received sentences ranging from six months of probation to six month in prison.

  • Rev. Charles Booker-Hirsch Ann Arbor, MI 41, Presbyterian minister at Northside Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor. Married (to UCC pastor). One child, age 4. Works with Central American refugees. Member of Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and PNAODA (Presbyterian Network of Alcoholism and Other Drug Abuse).
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Jonna Cohen Denver, CO 20, MacAllister College student. Student of Maharaji, an Indian spiritual teacher.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Brigid Conarchy Grayslake, IL 23, Originally from Waukegan, IL. Degree in Theology and Philosophy from St Norberts College. Catholic worker with Little Flower CW in Goochland, VA.
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Kenneth Crowley Houston, TX 60, Parent educator. Catholic. Member of Pax Christi.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Sue Daniels Pembroke, VA 41, a doctoral student in avian conservation biology, currently forming a local chapter of the Colombia Support Network, also active with AWOL (go-awol.org), the Coalition for Justice, Amnesty International, the New River Valley Greens, and the Living Wage Campaign. A participant in a beautiful Reclaim the Streets action in NYC during the WEF (the World Economic [Exploitation] Forum). Lead organizer to bring Vandana Shiva, Ed Herman, and Cecelia Zarate-Laun of the Colombia Support Network to Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech community this Spring.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Mary Dean Chicago, IL 37, Former husband tortured by G-2 (SOA grads) in Guatemala. Affiliated with Catholic Worker, IL, Peace Action and SOA Watch IL.
    Sentenced to six months in a federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Kathleen Desautels Chicago, IL 64, A Sister of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods IA for 42 years. Ministry includes education, prison ministry and 8th Day Center for Justice for past 16 years.
    Sentenced to six months in a federal prison
  • Janice Sevre-Duszynska Nicholasville, KY 52, English as a Second Language teacher to high school students. Activist for Women'™s Ordination. Mother of two. Affiliated with Women'™s Ordination Conference, Catholic Action Center, Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice, Newman Center for University of Kentucky.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Toni Flynn Valyermo, CA 56, High Desert Catholic Worker member and a Benedictine Oblate at St. Andrew's Abbey, also in Valyermo. Mother of four grown children. Expecting first grandchild in October. Has been participating in SOA Watch protests since 1998.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison
  • Kate Fontanazza Milwaukee, WI 53, Teacher. Catholic. Member of Pax Christi, Peace Action and Pledge of Resistance.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Chani Geigle-Teller Salem, OR 19, Student. Works with Oregon Peace Works mobilizing youth for social justice work in their communities.
    Sentenced to six months in a federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Peter Gelderloos Harrisonburg, VA 19, Activist and ex-student involved in community and national organizing around environmental, anti-war, anti-captalist and anarchist issues. Currently trying to write professionally.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison
  • Nancy Gowen Richmond, VA 68, Mother of seven, grandmother to four. Two months ago I buried my son, Chuck, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a member of Pax Christi Richmond and Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation. Thirteen of the last fifteen years I have worked with the homeless population in Richmond, Virginia as a mental health counselor. Have co-faciliated alternative to violence workshops in the prison system for the Richmond Peace Education Center. Spent time living with followers of Gandhi and working at Mother Teresa's in India.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • John Heid Luck, WI 47, Quaker. Catholic Worker living and working on social justice issues in the Anathoth Farm Community. Member of Veterans for Peace. Handyman.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison
  • Linda Holzbaur Ithaca, NY 45, Mother of 4 (3 school age). Peace activist. Part time journalist. Catholic worker. Member of 'œKeep Space for Peace'.
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Lisa Hughes W. Hartford, VT 36, Catholic background/Mennonite affinity. Raised in Midwest, spent 5 years in El Salvador as a nurse. Moved to Vermont, to begin war tax resistance and organic farming, from Oregon and hospice nursing. Member of War Resisters League.
  • Rev. Erik Johnson Maryville, TN 57, Presbyterian Church(U.S.A.) minister, Interim Pastor at Church of the Savior UCC, Knoxville. Married with 5 grown children, 3 grandchildren. 1984 Witness for Peace to Nicaragua. Member of Knoxville Area Committee on Central America, Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Niklan Jones-Lezama Blacksburg, VA 38, married to Nicaraguan Sandinista, Claudia; two sons, Emilio Jose and Omar Eli. A past co-coordinator for the Coalition for Justice in Central America; 1987 Witness for Peace/Fellowship of Reconciliation/Buddhist Peace Fellowship delegate to Nicaragua and Honduras. Also part of fact-finding delegation to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. An intern with Global Issues Project in Haiti. Currently helping to build a local chapter of the Colombia Support Network. A Re-evaluation counselor, studying and practicing healing touch and reiki energy therapies for the past four years.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison
  • Rae Kramer Syracuse, NY 55, Domestic violence activist. Member of Syracuse Peace Council and Jewish Peace Fellowship.
    Sentenced to six months in a federal prison, $5,000 fine
  • Palmer Legare Springfield, MA Student at Springfield College. From Cabett, VT. Community organizer on low income housing issues.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Laura MacDonald Syracuse, NY 23, Works with children with disabilities. Member of Syracuse Peace Council.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Shannon McManimon Philadelphia, PA 26, Catholic Worker at Martha House CW in Philadelphia.
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Ralph Madsen Newtonville, MA 68, Retired elementary school teacher. Married, with two grown children. Grandfather. Stationed at Ft. Benning in 1956. Affiliated with Neighbor to Neighbor and Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Tom Mahedy Wall, NJ 39, Married with two children, 5 and 7. Former Navy ROTC. Traveled to Central America with Pastors for Peace. Member of Pax Christi.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison
  • Abi Miller Harrisonburg, VA 23, Degree in Biology from James Madison University. Works at a restaurant in the process of collectivizing. Involved in a community center project, community garden organizing, and tutoring english as a second language.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Summer Nelson Missoula, MT 26, Environmental and social justice activist working with the Buffalo Field Campaign and Wild Rockies Earth First. Visual artist who uses art in activism. Aspiring wilderness survivalist and sustainable community builder doing trail work, organic farming and wilderness therapy programs.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Fr. William O'™Donnell Berkeley, CA 72, member of the San Carlos Foundation
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison, $1000 fine
  • David O'Neil Elkton, VA
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Mike Pasquale Syracuse, NY 33, Catholic. Program Director at Family Center. Director of International House at LeMoyne College.
    Sentenced to six months in a federal prison, $1000 fine
  • Leone Reinbold Oakland, CA
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Rich Ring is 33 years old and lives in Atlanta, where he is a human rights investigator. He grew up in Washington County, New York, and went to Earlham College. He has been an ecologist with The Nature Conservancy, and a Catholic Worker at St. Martin de Porres House in Harrisburg, PA. He is a member of Pax Cristi USA, Pennsylvania Abolitionists, and Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. He learned about the SOA in 2001 from travels in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and the Autonomous Zones of Chiapas, Mexico.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Maxwell Sadler Edwards Waterville, ME
    Sentenced to six months probation, $2500 fine
  • Kathy Shields Boylan Washington DC 58, Catholic Worker with Dorothy Day CW in Washington DC. Plowshares activist. Mother of 5. Grandmother of 3.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison
  • Michael Sobol Golden, CO 18, Graduates HS in May. Plans to defer college for a year to work in Guatemala with street children.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison, $500 fine
  • Lee Sturgis Elkton, VA
    Sentenced to six months probation, $500 fine
  • Fr. Louis Vitale, San Francisco, CA Franciscan priest. Pastor of an inner city parish in San Francisco. Working with marginated children and the homeless.
    Sentenced to three months in federal prison
  • Fr. Jerry Zawada Cedar Lake, IN 65, Franciscan priest and Ecumenical. Just back from Palestine. Affiliated with Voices in the Wilderness.
    Sentenced to six months in federal prison

Charges were dismissed against:

  • Sr. Rufina Cordova San Ysidro, CA 68, Dominican nun. Preschool teacher in Tijuana. Entered base because of invitation by SOA/WHISC for protesters to attend a presentation at the SOA/WHISC.
  • Anna Lisa Gross N. Manchester, IN 19, Student at Earlham. Member of Church of the Brethren. Arrested when she, and other Earlham students, accidentally drove on base.
  • Brook Kramer Richmond, KY 22, Student at Earlham College. Member of St. Thomas Lutheran Church and Jubilee Partners. Arrested when she, and other Earlham students, accidentally drove on base.
  • Peg Morton Eugene, OR 71, Three grown daughters, three grandchildren. Quaker with a faith based nonviolent philosophy. Spent time in Guatemala doing accompaniment of returned refugees. Member of CISCAP and War Resiters League. Entered base because of invitation by SOA/WHISC for protesters to attend a presentation at the SOA/WHISC.
  • Jesse Rutschman Chicago, IL 20, Mennonite. Student at Earlham College. Arrested when he, and other Earlham students, accidentally drove on base.
  • Ned Smith Wilkes-Barre, PA Catholic Worker from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Massage therapist.

The "SOA 87"
July and November 2002

July 2002 Becky Johnson

At the end of the trial of the SOA 43, Becky Johnson was arrested for blockading the main entrance to Ft. Benning. When the MP's arrived on the scene, they found a long line of traffic in front of Becky, who was sitting in front of the closed gates with her neck U-locked to them. Above her head was a banner reading "Lock Up SOA/WHISC, Not Peaceful Protesters>" It took them nearly two hours to figure out how to remove her.

November 2002

  • Linda Aguilar *1983, San Francisco, CA, Student
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Sonja Andreas *1949, Wichita, KS, psychiatric nurse
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

  • Sondra Angulo *1980, San Francisco, CA, I am a 22 yr. old artist, media activist and teacher from San Francisco, California. I teach art to 5th and 7th graders, as well as work with the San Francisco Indy Media Collective (www.sf.indymedia.org). I also do the Liberation News Show on San Francisco Liberation Radio 93.7FM. My desire to see the SOA shut down has nothing to with any kind of a religious affiliation or spiritual affinity; for me it's a clear-cut case of good v. evil and a fight for basic human rights. As a latina here in the US, nothing makes my blood boil more than to see the people of Latin America forever made to suffer at the hands of the US. SHUT IT DOWN!
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Edith Balot *1933, Jefferson, LA, School social Worker
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Sr. Adele Beacham SP, 76, has been a Sister of Providence for 56 years. Retired at St. Mary of the Woods. Volunteer ministries: Health Care, Secretarial work at our Tutorial House for children and adults, distributing food at a distribution center to families below the national income level Committee Work: I am a member of the Sisters of Provdience Liturgy Committee, I am a member of the Day Care Board serving the educational needs of infants and pre-school children I am also an active member of a Pax Christi Group Prison Ministry - Rockville Correctional Facility - Women's Prison
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 12 months in home confinement, 250 hours community service

  • Judy Bierbaum *1956, Albuquerque, NM, Clinical Therapist
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $2,000 fine

  • Laurel Albina (Bischoff) *1975, Jamaica Plain, MA, is currently living in Boston, MA working for the Unitarian Universalist Association in the office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry. Before moving to Boston I lived in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC Canada. My mother is Palestinian and immigrated to Canada during the 1967 war in the Middle East, where she was living and attending school at the time. My father is American, of German descent, and came to Canada from Detroit, Michigan, fleeing both the Ford Auto plants and the Vietnam War. I have worked at a number of non-profit organizations developing programs with youth and young adults to build community. Through both my work and my personal life I am committed to creating a more just and equitable world.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Katherine Bjorkman *1983 Burlington, WI, I just finished up my 3rd and last semester at Loyola University Chicago. Although I love to learn, I feel that there is so much more for me to experience...the world is my school. I'd like to do some service work out west, possibly working on trails in Alaska, an organic farm in California, or as an intern at a National Park. I am a first time crosser, but have been at the November protests twice. Have mostly been involved in anti-war/pacifism activities and protests in Chicago since beginning college. But also am interested in the environment, corporate responsibility, foreign policy reform, and spreading love, peace, life, and light wherever I go. Life is beautiful and each and every one of the citizens of the world deserves to be loved and free from oppression.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Tom Blancato *1962 Pittsburgh, PA, deliverer (newspaper)
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Katherine Brown *1950, Providence RI, Artist, writer, teacher
    Katherine Houston Brown, PhD is a writer, teacher, organizational consultant, and artist. Her doctorate is in medical anthropology (Columbia University). She was formerly a tenured professor (in ethics and health policy) at Creighton University in Omaha NE where she founded City Sprouts, a nonprofit inner-city agriculture and community food security organization. In 2000 she left academia for 2 years of intensive study and practice with Buddhist teachers in northern California, and then moved east to Providence RI last Fall, to combine Buddhist practice with advocacy for peace, justice, and environmental stewardship.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Vera Brown *1982, Greensboro, NC, is a third-year undergraduate in Environmental and Earth Studies at Guilford College, and a server at the Grape Vine Cafeˆ, a completely vegetarian and mostly vegan restaurant in Greensboro, NC. She has been a member of Amnesty International for over seven years, and is currently The Guilfordian#25263; managing editor.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Jesse Carr *1982, Oberlin, OH, is a 20 year old transgender student at Oberlin College. S/he works with the Sexual Assault Support Team and the Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Transgender People. Jesse loves history, children, good food, and smashing the state.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Guadalupe Chavez *1982, San Francisco, CA, Student
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Thomas Cleary Richmond, VA, born in Michigan, ( Potowatomi country on the St. Joseph River) in 1928, worked as Jesuit priest in Belize and Honduras for 11 years, father of three sons, member of Pax Christi, after leaving priesthood worked as probation officer in Virginia, now live in Richmond,Va. and work as volunteer interpreter for Mixteco people from Guerrero, Mexico.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 6 months in home confinement

  • Seth Cohen *1980, FairOaks, CA, I'm a fourth year student at UCLA. I also work as a union organizer for AFSCME 3299. I went to Jesuit High School in Sacramento.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • William Combs *1944, Tallahassee, FL, retired public school teacher; member of Veterans for Peace, Quest for Peace, Witness for Peace, and various environmental groups. Have been active in peace and social justice issues since I wore a black armband on my Air Force uniform in 1970 at a radar site in Korea to protest the invasion of Cambodia and the killings at Kent State. Travel on delegations to Central America, Cuba, and present findings to any group that will listen upon my return.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Dave Depp *1936, Doswell, VA, Retired, Activist
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Philip D'Onofrio *1967, Salem, OR, veteran, federal employee and Massage Therapist
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Joyce Ellwanger *1937, Milwaukee, WI, Retired
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Dan Fortson *1959, Redway, CA, is a songwriter and community activist who served five years in the U.S. armed forces. His answer to the most commonly asked question: "I did it for the victims of U.S. foreign policy. The murdered peasants, the raped women, the orphaned children, and the bleeding earth."
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Rev. Clifford Frasier *1967, New York, NY, is a United Church of Christ minister. Rev. Frasier works as the director of a consortium of New York City churches known as Presbyterian Welcome -- Inclusive Churches Working Together, which advocates policies of inclusion within the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination. Rev. Frasier is also active in the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, and has been involved in protesting the SOA since 1999.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Eloy Garcia *1968, Maryknoll, NY, is a Chicano Activist/Lawyer and Maryknoll Lay Missioner with indigenous roots in New Mexico that go back several thousand years. Eloy is a Honorably Discharged Veteran of the US Army serving from 1986-1990 as a paratrooper and Sgt (e-5) with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Group (Airborne) 1st Special Operation Command. With this background Eloy commits himself to teaching, legal advocacy, and organizing against racism, imperialism, and injustice.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (reported immediately), $500 fine

  • Christine Gaunt *1956, Grinnell, IA, married to Jay, mother of three: Jodi(21), Julie(19), Jayson(15) hog farmer from Iowa / library assistant at Grinnell College Have participated in SOA protests since 1998. Walked 37 miles for PEACE on November 1, 2002.
    Sentenced on 1/29/03 to 3 months federal prison, $750 fine (reported immediately)

  • Sr. Rita Gerardot St. Mary of the Woods, IN, Retired, Volunteer
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 12 months probation, 500 hours community service

  • Timothy Grivois *1981, Chicago, IL, Originally from Arizona, I'm a philosophy / religious studies major at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. I have worked on the U.S. / Mexico border and in the Yucatan, where I've witnessed the destructive effects of U.S. militarism. I am honored to be among 85 other courageous witnesses working for justice and peace, beginning with the closure of the SOA/WHISC.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Sr. Mary Hamilton *1950, Rosemont, PA, , I am a member of the Sisters of the Holy Child. I live and worked in Chile for 7 years, 4 during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. I currently live outside of Philly and work in an educational center in North Philadelphia.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Loring Harkness IV *1981, Northfield, MN 55057, Student
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Caryl Hartjes, CSA *1935, a Sister of St. Agnes of Fond du Lac, WI, has ministered in health care institutions in Wisconsin and Kansas, in Catholic parishes of Nicaragua and New Mexico, in non-institutional programs among those disenfranchised by society in New York, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania, and has served her congregation in mid-level leadership. She has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and a Masters in Theology; and currently is employed at Hospice Home of Hope.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Caitlin Harwood *1983, Cleveland Hts, OH, is a 19 year-old sophomore Anthropology major at the College of Wooster and hails from Cleveland Heights, OH. This past summer she worked as an intern for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development/ The Immigrant Worker Project, where she taught ESL and discovered a passion for social justice work. Caitlin plans to become a visual anthropologist and community organizer (providing she survives prison!) and will someday travel the world, working for peace and striving to make a difference.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Donald Haselfeld San Francisco, CA, retired from Recreation and Park Department in San Francisco. Unpublished writer hoping to contribute to the obituary of SOA/WHISC.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Robert Hiltonsmith *1981, Greensboro, NC, Senior at Guilford College, Philosophy and Mathematics double major. Anti-war activist; plans to join War Tax Resisters as soon as he starts paying taxes and pursue environmental/civil justice law (under Professor Quigley :-).
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Lisa Hughes *1965, registered nurse. raised catholic, most recently attending the mennonite church. aunt and godmother. lived and worked for 5 years in El Salvador.
    Sentenced on 1/29/03 to 6 months in federal prison, $1,500 fine (self-report)

  • Ann Huntwork *1931, Portland, OR, Retired medical social worker with years of work in HIV/AIDS. Significant periods of life and work overseas - primarily Philippines and Iran. Married, 6 kids
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • James Hynes *1945, born in Dublin (Ireland), Spent 10 years in Peru (South America). Now a priest of the San Antonio Archdiocese (Texas), Pastor of Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church (San Antonio). Have been to the School of the Americas Protest every year since 1999. Received a ban and bar in 2000.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Vincent Jackson *1984, Marlton, NJ, Student
    Sentenced on 12/17/02 to12 months probation, $2,500 fine

  • Peter Jessup Omaha, NE, Student
    Sentenced on 2/6/03 to 12 months of probation, $500 fine, 200 hours of community service

  • Jeremiah John *1981, Bloomington, IN - Perhaps the biggest tip off that capitalism doesn't work is how obscenely ugly it is; how unhappy even the wealthy American elite are. This is what clued me into activism. I have read voraciously all my life. This has defined me and allowed me to realize that there are alternatives to the selfishly motivated models of profit that drive this fiendishly churning sausage grinder of a system. Oh yeah, I am twenty-one, a cognitive science and logic major, and somewhat of a vagabond (when i have the chance).
    Awaits Sentencing

  • Douglas Kasper *1944, Wheaton, IL, Catholic married to the Greatest wife in the world seven children + six foster children and one Dog (good dog). Bricklayer/peace activist member Joliet diocese Peace & Justice Team, Member St.Isidore Faith Community. Worked in missions in Ecuador & Bolivia.
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 3 months in federal prison (reported immediately), $500 fine

  • Judith Kelly *1945, Arlington, VA, Facilitator with Pace e Bene Franciscan Nonviolence Service. Pax Christi and Witness for Peace delegations to Chiapas/Guatemala, El Salvador and Haiti. Peace Corps service in Peru and Paraguay. St. Aloysius Parish, DC.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Sr. Moira Kenny *1946, McAllen, TX, Sister of Mercy; Paralegal
    Moira Kenny, (57) has been a Sister of Mercy for close to 40 years. Currently a paralegal with the Texas Civil Rights Project and the United Farm Workers in South Texas, on the US/Mexico border. Previously worked as a paralegal with the Christic Institute in Washingon, DC. Coordinator of her parish's Peace and Justice Commission. Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Christine LaVallee *1975, Worcestor, MA, Deli Clerk
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 12 months probation, $500 fines

  • Michelle LaValley *1981, Jamaica Plain, MA, UU Youth Programs
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

  • Jane Lehr *1976, Blacksburg, VA, Graduate Student
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Patrick Lincoln *1981, Blacksburg, VA, I am a Virginian that found his door to the world in Nicaragua. I am a senior Spanish major at Virginia Tech. I am a teacher and a student and wish to be both for the rest of my life.
    Sentenced on 2/12/03 to 6 months in federal prison and $500 fine. (self-report)

  • Sr. Kathy Long *1947, a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister. I live in Chicago, IL and work at 8th Day Center for Justice. In May, 2002 I completed my Doctor of Ministry theology degree with a focus in cross-cultural ministry from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. I am the youngest of five siblings, with two sisters and two brothers.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Jason Lydon *1982, Hadley, MA, Student
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 6 months in federal prison (reported immediately), $500 fine

  • Daniel Manriquez *1984, Denver, CO, Salesperson
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Carey Martin *1979, Birmingham, AL
    Carey is a 24 year old artist/environmental and peace activist/musician manager currently residing in Birmingham, AL. She obtained a BFA with a focus in Sculpture from Birmingham-Southern College in May 2002. She is an active member of Pasac-In Action, an aid and development organization committed to providing the necessary resources to fulfill community inspired initiatives in Pasac Segundo, Guatemala, an indigenous mayan village.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Sarah Martin *1983, Denver, CO, Student
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Daniel Marx *1983, Northfield, MN, Student/Activist
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Pamela McBride *1957, accountant, currently residing at Lebh Shomea, a contempletive-eremitical Dhristian community at La Parra Ranch in Sorita, Texas.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fines

  • Karl Meyer *1937, Nashville, Tennessee. member of Nashville Greenland Community, activist with Catholic Worker movement for 44 years. Karl was one of the SOA 26 and served 6 month in prison for crossing the line in November 2000. He was arrested in November 2002 by Columbus City police for refusing to submit to a search at the checkpoint.
    Unlike other defendants, he is on State as opposed to Federal charges

  • Evalee (Lee) Mickey *1935, Mt Pleasant, IA, retired farmer and widowed homemaker, mother of five, grandmother of 15. Interests are social action through my church, (presently peace activisim), gardening, traveling with grandchildren, Habitat for Humanity, Mentoring Moms program.
    Sentenced on 12/20/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Jonson Miller *1975, Blacksburg, VA, but originally from Johnstown, PA. Virginia Tech graduate student studying the history, sociology, and politics of science and technology. BS and MS in Geology from West Virginia University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I play bass guitar in an experimental, improvisational punk band.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 2 months federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Rachel Montgomery *1976, Oakland, CA, (originally from Madison, Wisconsin). Rachel owns and operates a pet sitting and dog walking business, and will live and work at the Oakland Catholic Worker beginning in January 2003. Has been involved with SOAW since her first trip to Fort Benning with Edgewood College (Madison,WI) in 1999, and helped start a new SOAW group in Oakland/Berkeley in 2002. Also involved with the Global Nonviolent Peaceforce.
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 6 months federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • John (Jack) Neis *1941, Apple Valley, MN, Marquette University High School. Bs eng. Notre Dame University. USAF flight instructor 5yrs. Retired Northwest Airlines captain. Wife Kate. Sons Chris, Jeff, Greg, and Tim. Grandsons Alex, Michael, Stephen and Jake.
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Sr. Maureen Newman *1945, Seattle, WA, Educator
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Andrew Olive *1979, San Francisco, CA, Asst. Teacher, pulled through the fence on my birthday. i really want to turn my case into an example of the unjust ways of "the system". i want to educate myself, then alot of people about soa and have a huge protest next year. CLOSE THE SOA NOW!
    Charges were deferred

  • J.C. Orton *1948, Berkely, CA, Father, Husband, Roman Catholic - Catholic Worker, Homeless Advocate/Peace & Justice activist.
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

  • Sr. Dorothy Pagosa *1954, is a Sister of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis. Shelives in Chicago, Illinois. Sr. Dorothy is Director for Social Justice for her religiouscongregation and has worked for the last 16 years at the 8th Day Center for Justice inChicago on human rights and domestic poverty issues. She is currently very active in theanti-War movement. Sr. Dorothyis also Spiritual Assistant for the Wellspring and SanDamiano Fraternities of the Secular Franciscan Order.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Byron Plumley, Jr. *1947, Denver, CO, is a grandpa, educator and peace activist. He teaches atRegis University,Denver, volunteers with the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen,and traveled to Iraq on a humanitarian mission, January 2000.
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

  • Mildred Vennessa Pustek *1931, Premerton, WA, Retired
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 6 months home confinement, 200 hours community service

  • Sr. Joann Quinkert *1931, is a Sister of Providence from St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN,who presently lives in Oak Lawn, IL, with the community in our FormationHouse for new members. A former teacher who has worked the past twentyyears doing social ministry in Appalachia and in Selma, AL.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 12 months probation, 500 hours community service

  • Doris Reed Endwell, NY 13760, Retired
    Sentenced on 2/11/03 to 12 months probation

  • Margaret Rossi *1981, San Francisco, CA, is a senior at the University of San Francisco where she studies Environmental Science and Theology. She is an actor and poet and would like to travel the world as a gypsy once she finishes college. She is proud to call Half Moon Bay, California home.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • Charity Ryerson *1982, Bloomington, IN, Student/Activist
    Sentenced to 6 months in prison Projected release date: January 18, 2004

  • Marie Salupo*1978, Euclid, OH, is a Maryknoll lay missioner. Following her sentence, she will serve in Zimbabwe for three years. She previously worked with the United Church of Christ in Refugee Ministries and was also an International Student Affairs intern at her almamater, The College of Wooster. She is a member of the InterReligious Task Force on Central America in Cleveland, OH and the Ohio Working Group on Latin America. In March 2002, Salupo was part of a Witness for Peace delegation to Colombia.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Scott Schaeffer-Duffy *1958, Worcester, MA, Catholic Worker
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (reported immediately)

  • Judd Schiffman *1982, Providence, RI, I am currently finding sponsors for two projects in Zimbabwe to help alleviate poverty. In the past, I have spent many hours volunteering with economically underprivelaged, and mentally disabled children. I live in Rhode Island.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Julia Shideler *1978, Olga, WA, Americorps Volunteer
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation suspended

  • Rachel Shively *1980, Delaware, OH, I'm 22 and a student at Ohio State University with a double major in Zoology and German. I like to travel, so I've been college hopping and that's taken me to Vienna, Austria; Ohio Wesleyan in my hometown of Delaware, Ohio; and Northland College up by Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin. I volunteer in an international fair trade store and on an organic farm giving tours to school groups of the farm and surrounding woods. Hobbies include banjo, backpacking, and natural survival skill-sharing. Rachel Shiveley was arrested and jailed after making a wrong turn and becoming lost a couple of miles inside the grounds of Ft. Benning on Saturday, the day before the protest. Charges were deferred.

  • Kelly Simmons *1983, Englewood, CO, Student
    12 months probation, $1000 fine

  • William Slattery *1984, Maribel, WI, Student
    Sentenced on 2/12/03 to 6 months in federal prison and $500 fine. (taken immediately into custody)

  • Laura Slattery *1966, San Francisco, CA, Nonviolence Trainer, graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, in 1988 and was stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii for three years. Since resigning her commission in 1991 she has worked as an international volunteer in Mexico and El Salvador, chaplain in a hospital, high school teacher, and Catholic Worker. She received her Masters in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA in 1998 and currently works for Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service as their International Coordinator for the From Violence To Wholeness Program at their Oakland, California office.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Patrick Stanley *1982, Bronx, NY, Student
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Corbin Streett *1979, Dublin, MS, degree in philosophy from birmingham southern college, weekend supervisor at drug and alcohol rehab for adolescents, member of mid-south peace and justice center.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Eric Tews Greenwood Village, CO, Student
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Derrlyn Tom *1958, San Francisco, CA, Teacher
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Dave Tarbell *1981, Wooster, OH, Student
    Sentenced on 12/6/02 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

  • Michael Ugarte *1949, Columbia, MO, son of immigrant-exiles of the Spanish Civil War; Professor of Spanish Literature and Peace Studies at the Univ. of Missouri, since 1979; have been active in peace and human rights issues: Vietnam War, black power, US intervention in Latin America, South African divestment
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Anika Walz *1983, Stacy, MN, a second year student at College of St. Catherine, Justice and Peace Studies. This year was my second year down to WHISC, but I've been battling with closing it since I was 14. Writing letters, and making phone calls to congress people. I'm currently the Social Justice Peer Minister at Campus Ministry at St. Kate's. I'm attempting to create change and make our government accountable for their actions and hopefully educating a few along the way. Our government can no longer get away with the severe hypocracy of enforcing laws against terrorist across the globe yet breeds it within our own borders.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Marvin Warren *1981, Poughkeepsie, NY, Student, has been peripherally involved in the anti-globalization and anti-war movements since he was 17. Last summer he took part in a 5-day, 80-mile walk from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan as part of an awareness raising campaign for global issues such as nuclear power, fuel pipelines, and prison overpopulation, all of which directly effect the Hudson River Valley, his home. Now 21, he hopes to make an impact on the SOA, and is glad to at the least voice his condemnation for the actions of the U.S. military. Afterwards, he hopes to learn wilderness guide skills, work with Outward Bound, learn to sail, do environmental education, and work in the White Mountains--all within the next year.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

  • Marilyn White *1947, League City, TX, Presbyterian Elder, active member of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and the Presbyterian Central American Partnership Committee. She has been editor of the Houston Peace News for 18 years. Retired computer programmer, worked for IBM for 16 years at NASA. Married, mother of two sons.
    Sentenced on 1/28/03 to 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fines

  • Tiffany Winters *1984, Denver, CO, Student
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine

  • Michael Wisniewski *1949,West Covina, CA, Husband, Father of 4 and Grandfather of 10. Currently an unemployed Print Production Manager with 35 years in the graphic arts industry. From the Los Angeles area, is also an extended community member of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker as well as a full time agitator and freelance writer, authored a manuscript under consideration for publication.
    Sentenced on 2/10/03 to 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $1,000 fine

  • Eric Zibbel *1983, Oberlin, OH, currently a student at Oberlin College pursuing a major in History. Involved with Americorp's America Reads program and local social justice groups. Appreciates all the support he's recieving from family, friends and people he hardly even knows.
    Sentenced on 1/27/03 to 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $500 fine

  • The "SOA 28"

    November 2003

    Adjudicated SOA Defendants (listed in order of state)

  • Elizabeth Bradley, 49, of Sacramento, CA- 12 months probation, $500 fine

  • Leisa Faulkner Barnes, 49, of Sacramento, CA- three months federal prison, $500 fine

  • Louise Lynch, of Fremont, CA- 12 months probation, $500 fine

  • Faith Fippinger, 63, of Sarasota, Fl- three months federal prison

  • David Corcoran, 69, of Des Plaines, Ill- six months federal prison

  • Scott P. Diehl, 40, of Burlington, IA- three months federal prison, $500 fine

  • Kathy Kelly, 51, of Chicago, Ill- three months federal prison

  • Craig Adams, 52, of Glenwood, WI- three months federal prison

  • Rich Wekerle, 67, of Moscow, ID- six months federal prison

  • Cynthia Brinkman, SSND, 67, Ellington, MN-six months federal prison

  • Ozone O?Leary, currently residing in Duluth, MN- three months in federal prison

  • Mary Vaughan, of White Bear, MN- 24 months probation, $500 fine

  • Michael Walli, 55, of Duluth, MN- three months federal prison, $500 fine

  • Gregory Poferl, 57, of St. Paul, MN- three months federal prison, $1,000 fine

  • Gary Ashbeck, of Baltimore, MD- six months federal prison, 67 days credited for time served

  • Betsy Lamb, 65, of Columbia, MD- three months federal prison, $500 fine

  • Shirley Way, 42, of Stanley, NY- three months federal prison

  • Alice E. Gerard, 47, of Buffalo, NY- three months federal prison, $500 fine

  • Fr. Joseph E. Mulligan, S.J., 60, of Nicaragua- three months federal prison

  • Brother Mike O?Grady, S.J., 41, of Cincinnati, OH- 32 days Muscogee County Jail

  • Fr. Ben Jimenez, S.J., of Cleveland, OH- released on time served

  • Peg Morton, 73, of Eugene, OR- three months federal prison

  • Fr. Bernie Survil, 63, of Greenburg, PA, three months federal prison

  • Don Beisswenger, 73, of Nashville, TN- six months federal prison, $1,000 fine

  • Sarah Jobe, 22, of Nashville, TN- 12 months probation, $1,500 fine

  • Eric Robinson, 23, of Bellingham, WA- six months federal prison, $1,000 fine

  • Fr. Jerry Zawada, 66, of Burlington, WI- six months federal prison

  • The "SOA 14"

    November 2004

    On November 21, 2004 fifteen people took nonviolent action to close the SOA/ WHINSEC by crossing onto Fort Benning, home of the notorious school. They took this action despite knowing they likely faced three to six months in federal prison. Fourteen of those arrested on the military base were arrested and charged with trespass. One person, Ed Lewinson, was not charged. The fourteen were tried the week of January 24, 2005. The seven are: Nashua Chantal, Liz Deligio, Meagan Doty, Ron Durham, Tom Maclean, Elizabeth Nadeau and Dan Schwankl.
    The fourteen people who were on trial are:
      Nashua Chantal, 52, Americus, GA

      Nashua volunteers with the Heart to Heart program providing housing to the poor. He also enjoys teaching ceramics and pottery and working with international youth groups. He says it is this work that encourages him to be what he is today and that Christ plays an important role in guiding him to work in the pursuit of justice.

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine.

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Elizabeth Deligio, 28, Chicago, IL

      Liz is the chapalin for Misericordia, a home for developmentally disabled adults. She is also a full time student at Catholic Theological Union earning a Masters of Divinity.

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Brian DeRouen, 27, Dayton, OH

      This is not his first experience with civil disobedience. He has been arrested several times in actions bringing attention to peace and justice issues, including an action at the federal building in San Francisco. Brian is a second-year graduate student at the University of Dayton in the Theological Studies program. He also works in the Center for Social Concern as a graduate assistant. Through this work Brian organized trips to El Salvador, urban plunges and to the vigils at Fort Benning. He has also taught classes on voluntary simplicity.

      Brian is a skilled cyclist and participated on the national team. He is excited to be newly engaged to Kathleen Saurber, who has been supporting him throughout this process.

      Sentenced to four months in prison and a $500 fine.

      Released on Friday, July 8.
      Meagan Doty, 22, Dayton, OH

      Originally from St. Louis, Meagan is currently a senior at the University of Dayton. Her studies have been concentrated on sociology and human rights issues. She first learned about the SOA in high school when a class discussion focused on the life of Oscar Romero and his assassination by graduates of the school. While in college she spent a summer living in an agricultural community in Honduras where she saw the implications of U.S. foreign policy. This experience solidified her disagreement with the U.S. government and sparked her need to put her beliefs into action. Meagan works for peace and justice issues at the Center for Social Concern at her university.

      When she finishes her sentence, Meagan hopes to participate in a volunteer program. She sees this experience as opening the door to other opportunities in social justice work. Meagan is very thankful to her mother and brother and also to her community back at Dayton for their support throughout this experience.

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Ron Durham, 23, Chicago, IL

      A native to the Boston area, Ron attended Villanova University outside of Philadelphia where he majored in sociology. After graduating, Ron spent a year volunteering at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago where he worked with inner-city youth ages 14-16. In July of 2004, he moved to the St. Francis Catholic Worker, also in Chicago. There he directs his energy to issues of homelessness and providing short-term housing and hospitality to guests at the house. He is grateful for the opportunity to live in solidarity with social justice movements and be connected with other people who have participated in civil disobedience.

      Ron plans to continue working to bring attention to the unjust economic conditions the U.S. imposes on Latin America and the use of military force for political advantage. Ron was raised by his mom, Jeanne, and thanks her for all her support.

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Alice Gerard, 48, Buffalo, NY

      This is her second time crossing onto Fort Benning. Last year she served three months in federal prison. She chose to take the action again when she saw accounts of the U.S. military torturing Iraqi prisoners. This made her think about her classmate in language school in Guatemala, Sr. Dianna Ortiz, who was tortured by graduates of the SOA.

      When she is not in prison, Alice works as assistant managing editor of the Buffalo Alternative Press, a job she has enjoyed for more than 13 years. She has written extensively about the SOA/WHINSEC in addition to other Latin American issues. She also had the opportunity to spend a week on the Texas/Mexico border through a program called Border Witness. There she was shocked to see first-hand the horrible treatment of refugees by the border patrol.

      Sentenced to six months in a federal prison and a $500 dollar fine

      Released on September 12, 2005

      Tom Maclean, 79, Greenfield, MA

      With a long history of social activism, Tom is dedicated to principles of justice and non-violence. In 1970, after twenty years of working for Boeing as a chemist, Tom gave up that line of work and started refusing to pay war taxes. In 1976, he participated in a cross-country walk for global disarmament with the War Resisters League. He has also traveled with the Peace Brigades to Sri Lanka to provide accompaniment to nonviolent activists receiving death threats. Tom is the author of Village of Affection and is currently writing about economic disarmament. This work focuses on the economic practices that the U.S. government uses as weapons against other countries, preventing friendly economic relationships.

      Tom has spent the last 35 years living in intentional communities and enjoys the security and exploration that he has found in that lifestyle. Tom has recently been volunteering with the Handy Neighbor Volunteers fixing the homes of the elderly. He has been married and has three sons that have supported him in his actions.

      Click here to read articles about Tom in

      Sentenced to 90 days in a federal medical facility

      Released on June 3rd

      Sr. Lil Mattingly, MM, 63, Maryknoll, NY

      Lil says her involvement with SOA Watch has been from the beginning in spirit, but she wasn't able to start taking part in the prayer protests at Fort Benning in November and in DC in the spring until she came back from Bolivia. She lived and worked as a Maryknoll Sister in Bolivia from 1971 until 1997, and she feels privileged that she had 20 years there in various parts of the country.

      I have felt very personally involved because I knew all four of the Churchwomen who were violated and killed in El Salvador in 1980. Two were our Sisters, Maura Clarke and Ita Ford. Three of the five Salvadoran soldiers later convicted of that crime were trained at the SOA. Years earlier, when I first went to Bolivia, it was in the same month that General Hugo Banzer Suarez was responsible for a bloody coup, taking over the government and ruling as a brutal dictator until 1978. Not only was he responsible for torture and killings, but his policies opened the way for Bolivia to be in eternal debt because of his alliance with the U.S. in implementing neoliberal economic policies, which continue to crush the poor.

      "I have been able to go each year since 1997 to pray and protest at Ft. Benning, and I was finally able this year to plant a cross with the names of Maura, Ita, Dorothy, Jean on the property where the persons who killed them were trained. I feel grateful for the chance to join so many others who have spoken truth to power and to denounce the harm that has and is being done to others by this 'school'... The SOA Watch movement brings thousands together each year in the most prayerful, peaceful, and powerful expression of solidarity that I have ever experienced, and I go away feeling energized to work for peace, justice, and solidarity for the next year.

      Sentenced to six months in federal prison

      Released on September 12th

      Elizabeth Nadeau, 27, Minneapolis, MN

      An anthropology student at the University of Minnesota, Elizabeth is also an associate member of the Steelworkers Union. The Twin Cities have been her home since 2002, and she is currently working at a group home for mentally ill, chemically dependent adults and at a local cooperative grocery store.

      The SOA was brought to her attention by the witness of workers who have been forced to flee the persecution of the paramilitaries in Colombia who threatened their lives and families because they were organizing in unions. She came to Ft. Benning in November to stand vigil with her sisters and brothers from Colombia and around the world who have experienced violence at the hands of graduates of the institution.

      "Violence and poverty are not accidental conditions but rather the specific consequences of decisions made by people. Colombia sends more soldiers to the SOA than any other country in the world. Just last week two more human rights activists were assassinated in front of their families by Colombian paramilitaries. Stop the atrocities, bring justice to the Americas, shut down the SOA!"

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Mike Ring, 65, Wall, NJ

      Mike is currently retried and working at an alternative high school. He and Mary, his wife of 41 years, have four children and three grandchildren. Before retiring, Mike spent 15 years working for IBM building cable TV systems. His daughter-in-law is from El Salvador. His strong faith and family connection have brought him to do what he can to close the SOA/WHINSEC.

      Sentenced to 12 months probation and a $1,000 fine

      Dan Schwankl, 31, Siler City, NC

      Dan is a Catholic Worker and former high school English teacher. After graduating from college, Dan spent two years in Belize through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. While he was there he taught English and literature to his students. Dan is currently working on an organic farm and running in marathons when he has the time.

      Sentenced to 90 days in federal prison and a $500 fine

      Released on Friday, June 10th

      Aaron Shuman, 32, Oakland, CA

      Aaron was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, and now resides in Oakland, California. His politics were shaped in college in Los Angeles, during the first U.S./Iraq War and the uprising following the acquittal of the police who beat Rodney King. A 32 year-old activist with Prison Activist Resource Center, Education Not Incarceration and the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop, he believes in building opposition to the U.S. war machine waging genocidal wars abroad and at home.

      His work on the upcoming conference, From Attica to Abu Ghraib: Human Rights, Torture, and Resistance seeks to connect the growing outcry against U.S. torture abroad with the demand for human rights for prisoners and detainees in the U.S. Aaron seeks to connect communities across borders targeted by the U.S. drug war. Honored to have ridden on the bus caravan to Fort Benning this year with Salvadoran torture survivor Carlos Mauricio, Aaron is happy to take action against the SOA/WHINSEC.

      Sentenced to four months in federal prison and a $500 dollar fine

      Released on Tuesday, July 12th

    • Alex McCann and one other minor were sentenced to community service.

    The "SOA 39"

    November 2005

    Buddy Bell
    Buddy, 23, was a student at DePaul University in Wood Dale, Illinois. The first time Buddy learned of social justice was in third grade. His Catholic-school teacher encouraged each student to go without sweets for a while so they could have money to give to children around the world without enough food to eat. He wondered why every affluent person didn?t give their excess money to the poor to eliminate poverty and hunger. Fifteen years later, Buddy?s knowledge of the world has widened, but he?s always held on to the idealistic will to stand in oppression?s way. As a college student majoring in Education, Buddy has a philosophy that says nurturing the conscience of generations to come is the path to both their own personal empowerment and the transition to a world where people are finally valued more highly than materials.

    Buddy served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Fred Brancel
    Fred, 79, is from Madison, Wisconsin. Fred was born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. He is a retired minister who worked as a missionary in Africa for 20 years.

    Fred served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Robert St. Clair Call
    Robert, 72, is from Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. Bob studied at Seton Hall University, Immaculate Conception Seminary, and Hunter College. A Diocesan priest from 1958 through 1969, he later married Theresa Gallagher. Bob has two daughters, Mary Katherine and Theresa Marie, and three grandchildren, Aleksandar Blanusa, and Claudia and Juliet Whitehead. He has supervised development of shelters for the homeless, day care centers, and senior centers for the City of New York for twenty three years.

    Bob has also been an actor in off-off-Broadway plays and independent films for twelve years, as well as a free lance writer of fiction, non-fiction, plays. Bob was a civil rights movement activist in Alabama and Washington, and a peace activist in New York and Washington during Viet Nam war. He has also been a peace activist during the Iraq wars. He is a member of Corpus Christi Parish, Bergen County Democratic Committee, Pax Christi, and Voice of the Faithful.

    Bob was sentenced to and served three months in prison.

    Charles Carney, 47, is from Kansas City, Kansas. Charles has been a war tax resister for 26 years. For the last five years he has worked as an independent painting contractor and landscaper to finance his activism, which has included working for alternatives to the death penalty and starting a chapter of the Colombia Support Network of Kansas City. Charles has also been very active in the Kansas City Area Chapter of Reclaim Democracy, an organization dedicated to restoring citizen power over corporations. Recently, this group has been holding demonstrations in front of various area Wal-Mart stores.

    Each Saturday Charles does the weekly recycling at Holy Family Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Missouri and then provides hospitality to the guests. Throughout the 1990s, Charles worked for the Passionist Community, where he served as director of the Passionist Lay Missioners and as a staff member to the Eighth Day Center for Justice, a coalition of Catholic congregations working for peace and human rights. Charles? spouse, Donna, counsels low-income women and teaches sociology and social problems at a small Catholic college in Kansas City. In the tradition of the Catholic Worker "Christ rooms," Charles and Donna opened their home to a formerly homeless man, who has lived with them for over a year.

    Charles was sentenced to 12 months of probation and a $500 fine.

    Stephen Clemens
    Stephen, 55, is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Steve is a member of the Community of St. Martin in Minneapolis. He is married to Christine and is the father of two sons, Micah and Zach. Raised in Pennsylvania with Anabaptist heritage, Steve has been active in peace and justice concerns his whole adult life.

    Steve served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Joanne Cowan
    Joanne, 56, is from Boulder, Colorado. Joanne was born in San Francisco, was raised in the Bay Area and earned an undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in 1973. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1976. Joanne has a dog, a Master?s degree in Anthropology (evolutionary biology), and, since 1997, an accounting/organizing business (Orderly Pursuits). Though she has family in California, she currently lives in Boulder and is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Boulder Meeting, and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. She is a vegan and a natural hygienist.

    Joanne was sentenced to two months in prison. She was released on June 7 after completing her sentence.

    Ken Crowley
    Ken, lives in Washington, DC. Ken is the National Delegations Organizer at Witness for Peace. He worked for six years as a volunteer Parent Educator with abusive parents and abused children, and before that he spent seven years providing social support in an inner-city Houston neighborhood. In March of 2003 he completed a six-month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Prison Camp for protesting against the SOA at Fort Benning, Georgia. Ken has held various positions in business, including twenty six years managing an indoor tennis club that he opened in Houston, Texas. His partner, Nancy Parten, lives in Houston, and his son, Matt, lives and works in Austin, Texas.

    Ken served six months in prison and was released on October 6th, 2006.

    Anika Cunningham

    Anika, 26, is from Bowling Green, Ohio.

    Anika was sentenced to one month in prison and a $500 fine, and was released in mid-May after completing her sentence.

    Scott Dempsky
    Scott, 30, is a janitor and lives in Denmark, Wisconsin. Scott studied Japanese language for three years at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He learned about the School of the Americas and related topics via many wicked fine minstrels and an Olde English professor who had a petition to close the "School of the Assassins." From 1999 to 2004, Scott lobbied with the "East Timor and Indonesian Action Network". He started coming to SOA protests with St. Norbert's College Peace & Justice crew in 1998. He writes: "After years of hearing stories from many nuns, priests and other people working with our Latin American sisters and brothers, I decided to wage pre-emptive peace and help close down the SOA/WHINSEC."

    Scott served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Joe DeRaymond
    Joe, 55, Freemanburg, Pennsylvania. Joe is long time activist who has spent much time in the Americas. He is also a nurse, title searcher, and writer.

    Joe served three months in prison and was released on July 6.

    Sam Foster
    Sam, 70, lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sam is a retiree and is a 40-year resident of Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Sam is a member of Veterans for Peace (VFP), is undergoing the conversion process at a liberal Catholic church and enjoys the Sunday evening worship service at The Community of Saint Martin. He has been widowed for the past six years, but has met and fallen in love with a lady from North Carolina. The commute between Minneapolis and Charlotte is clumsy, but they manage to connect one week out of four.

    Sam, like Steve Clemens, is a frequent participant at the weekly vigils at Alliant Techsystems (manufacturers of depleted uranium ordinance and cluster bombs). Another activity that is becoming part of the weekly routine is Fridays at Peace House, a Minneapolis homeless shelter. Sam is new to peace and justice, but is striving to catch up and learn the art of waging peace and bearing witness to social, economic and political Justice for all God?s children.

    Sam?s learning experiences include an early August national VFP convention in Dallas followed later in the month with a trip to Crawford, Texas in support of Cindy Sheehan, the September Peace Rally in DC and civil disobedience at Fort Benning in November. Causes that are high on Sam?s desktop include ending the exploitation of the Latino community by American corporations and the SOA/WHINSEC trainees that do their bidding, ending the war in Iraq, the plight of the poor and homeless, peace in the Holy Land, and reducing the proliferation of a growing global nuclear arsenal. Organizations that Sam is supportive of and is planning on being involved in as a participating member are SOAW, WAMM, Witness for Peace, and the Catholic Worker.

    Sam was sentenced to two months in prison and a $500 fine. He was released on June 7 after completing his sentence.

    Christine Gaunt, 49, lives in Grinnell, Iowa.

    Chris pled guilty at her arraignment in November, was sentenced to six months in prison and began serving her sentence immediately.

    Chris left prison and returned home on May 19 after completing her six month sentence.

    Michael Gayman
    Michael, 26, is a seminarian in Davenport, Iowa. Michael is a senior at St. Ambrose University with a major in philosophy. He first found out about the School of the Americas from a professor here in an ethics class, and he then attended a conference in Chicago sponsored by Chicago Theological Union and Maryknoll for the four church women that were abused and killed in El Salvador. He writes: "I feel that each and every one of us has a roll to play in the world, and each of us has a responsibility to others, even if they have no face to us. We all must work together to live the gospel message of justice and peace."

    Michael was sentenced to two months in prison and a $500 fine. He was released on June 7.

    Sarah Harper
    Sarah, 36, is from Emeryville, California. Sarah lives with her daughter, Sdonine, and their two dogs. She is currently working as a landscape gardener and a political organizer with California Peace Action. She's a volunteer with the Central Committee on Conscientious Objection (CCCO) and the GI Rights Hotline. In addition, Sarah works as a Tilden Botanical Garden Docent. She writes: "I believe this year we have the best chance in Congress to win a vote and close the SOA. I?m very honored to be a part of this antiwar movement."

    Sarah served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Rita Hohenshell

    Rita, 80, is a retiree living in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Rita was sentenced to two months in prison. She was released on June 7.

    Jane Hosking
    Jane, 37, lives in Luck, Wisconsin at the Anathoth Farm. She is a volunteer with Nukewatch and a civil disobedience activist. She was part of the campaign opposing the ELF or "Extremely Low Frequency" project of the U.S. Navy. From 1994-2000 she worked as part of the Loaves & Fishes Community in Duluth, Minnesota.

    Jane served six months in prison and was released on October 6th 2006.

    John LaForge
    John, 49, lives at the Anathoth Community Farm in Wisconsin. A native of Duluth, Minnesota, John?s articles on nuclear weapons and power, militarism and nonviolence have appeared in Z Magazine, The Progressive, Earth Island Journal, The Nonviolent Activist and on the opinion pages of the Miami Herald and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In August, Z Magazine published the second of two feature articles on so-called ?depleted? uranium (DU) weapons.

    In December 2004, along with three other members of the Anathoth Community, he was found not guilty of trespass by a Minneapolis jury after arguing that DU weapons produced by Alliant Techsystems are illegal to possess and that their use is a crime of war. He works on the staff of Nukewatch, a peace and environmental action group, and edits its quarterly newsletter The Pathfinder. Nukewatch and Anathoth advocate Gandhian nonviolence and sustainable agriculture.

    John served six months in prison and was released on October 6th 2006.

    Mary Dennis Lentsch PBVM
    Mary Dennis, 69, is a Roman Catholic Sister who lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Mary Dennis (Elizabeth Ann) is a member of the Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque, Iowa. She prepared for teaching by earning a BA degree in Natural Science and an MS in Physical Science. For 25 years she taught high school science and math classes in Iowa schools. She has served two terms as elected member on the Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Presentation.

    Since 1989 Sr. Mary Dennis has been working with nonprofit organizations in Appalachian ministry in east Tennessee. During the times of ?selective prosecution? at the SOA, she crossed the line five times, three times at November vigils and two times at trials. Each time she was arrested, processed and received a ?ban and bar? letter.

    In addition to her activities to close the School of the Americas, she has been persistent in working for nuclear disarmament with the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA). In 2003 she spent 2 months in federal prison for an act of conscience at Y-12. Mary is a member of Pax Christi and Call to Action.

    Sr. Mary Dennis served six months in prison and was released on October 6th, 2006.

    Robin Lloyd
    Robin, 67, lives in Burlington, Vermont, and is the mother of Jesse, 27. Robin is a peace and justice activist and filmmaker. She is director of Green Valley Media, which makes documentary films on the culture of human rights. She is also on the board of TowardFreedom.Com and of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Her heroine is her grandmother, Lola Maverick Lloyd, one of the many founders of WILPF, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1915 with 47 other women to try to stop World War I.

    Robin served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Linda Mashburn
    Linda, 63, lives in Brevard, North Carolina, although she was born and raised in the Midwest. She graduated from Mt. Holyoke College with a BA in Philosophy and from the Hartford School of Nursing in 1964. She worked at a Presbyterian mission hospital in India for one year before returning to the US for graduate school. She received a Masters in Religion and Sociology from Columbia University in 1968. Linda married William Mashburn in 1973 and had three children, Regina, Donna and Joe. In 1977, she received a Masters in Public Health Administration from UNC Chapel Hill.

    While raising a family, Linda did part-time hospital nursing and much volunteer work, later returning to full-time work. In 1998, she and her husband moved to Western North Carolina. In January of 2001, she became the volunteer Executive Director of Sister Parish, Inc, a position she held until last winter.

    Linda was sentenced to three months in prison and a $500 fine. She was released on July 7.

    Don Nelson, 62, lives in Summertown, Tennessee.

    Don pled guilty at his arraignment in November, was sentenced to three months in prison and opted to "self-report" to federal prison. He reported to prison in January and was released on April 14, 2006.

    Liam O'Reilly, 22, is from Maine.

    Charged with destruction of government property, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison, Liam was sentenced to three months in prison and a $250 fine. He was released on July 7.

    Dorothy Parker
    Dorothy, 76, is from Chico, California. Dorothy is a retired Mental Health Clinician and a 45-year resident of Chico. She and her husband, Lou, are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. Dorothy has four adult children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren with two more due in 2006.

    Through the years she has been active in her church, Congregational United Church of Christ, and local community organizations, Habitat for Humanity, Chico Peace & Justice Center, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Since 1989, a major focus of her life has been the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program in Nicaragua and Seeds of Learning co-based in Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua and Sonoma, California. She has co-led 16 groups of North Americans to work and recreate with campesinos and other working poor in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and Dorothy says that it has been this work that has opened her eyes to the clandestine, destabilizing activities of her government throughout much of Latin America.

    Dorothy was sentenced to 60 days in prison and was released on June 7.

    Gail Phares
    Gail, 66, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Gail is a member of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, a mother of two daughters, Rebecca and Lisa; she lives with her husband Robert J. Phares. In the l960s, she lived and worked in Nicaragua and Guatemala as a Maryknoll Sister. Maryknoll Sister Maura Clarke ? raped and murdered by graduates of the School of the Americas ? was one of Gail's close friends.

    She is a founding member of Witness for Peace, the National Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) and the Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America (CITCA). She has led 46 Witness for Peace delegations to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti and Cuba over the past 23 years. She holds an MA in Latin American Studies from the American University in Washington, DC.

    Gail served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Jonathan Robert is from Georgia. He was not released in time for the 2006 vigil, but sent a letter of support to new prisoners of conscience from prison. The following is a short excerpt from that letter.

    American military intervention and the tragic by-products of such intervention exists to support the American way of life. We keep a bootheel of the neck of the Third World so that we can enjoy a standard of living that the rest of the planet dreams of. So while it is good to come together and assemble in protest of our government's actions -- we must always remember that the government is simply a collection of individual human choices. So raise your voice loud in protest, but when you are done also take the time to take a long hard look at YOUR individual human choices. What is your carbon footprint? Do you know what this is? Where does your food come from? What about the clothes on your back? Do you take and use more that your fair share of the world's resources? If you do -- then by way of your lifestyle you make necessary a thing like SOA to exist. Gather together and be proud of your resistance to injustice just never forget that stopping the war machine means that you must unplug from the machine itself. Be proud of yourselves for coming this far, now let's go a little farther.

    Jonathan was convicted of destruction of government property and sentenced to six months in prison. This sentence was combined with a past charge for protest at the G-8 summit in 2004, and resulted in two consecutive six-month sentences. Jonathan served at total 374 days in prison and was released on December 1, 2006 with a big smile on his face.

    Judith Ruland
    Judith, 47, is from Springfield, Massachusetts. Judith was born and raised in central Massachusetts, and she moved to Springfield in 1978 seeking better opportunity because much of the industry in her area had moved South. She married Arthur Ruland in 1997 and became a Catholic revert in 2000, where she and her husband both got the scriptural message. Acadian by heritage, she spent many hours listening to her own family's version of social engineering. Judith is a nurse working with a geriatric population. In 2004, she joined Just Faith hoping to make a difference.

    Judith was sentenced to two months in prison and a $500 fine. She was released on June 7.

    Delmar Schwaller
    Delmar, 81, is from Appleton, Wisconsin. Delmar is a Catholic Christian, a World War II Veteran, and is married with seven adult children. For ten years he was an elected alderman, and he performed other activities of service in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin. Now retired for twenty years, he has been doing volunteer work most every morning at the St. Vincent DePaul thrift store and St. Joseph Food Program. For the past eight years he has been at the School of the Americas Watch Vigils at Fort Benning, Georgia.

    He writes: "I have listened to those who have been tortured, held captive, and witnessed friends murdered. I have also read many accounts of these horrendous acts. I have lived with, talked with, and helped to alleviate some of this pain people have suffered when I do volunteer work in Central America, especially Nicaragua. My conscience tells me it is right and just, almost compelling to act. In the year 2000 I was arrested, processed, and released with a five-year ban from entering Fort Benning. This year the five years are up and after long years of witness, prayer, and thought I crossed the line and entered the Fort Benning military base again. I have no regrets. It was the right thing to do. Pax Christi."

    Delmar was sentenced to two months in prison. He was released on June 7.

    Donte Smith
    Donte, 19, is from Houston, Texas. Donte Smith is a student, labor organizer and social justice activist from the starry skies of Houston, Texas. He was driven to crossing the line by an acute case of social conscience. Donte feels that task of 'tikkum olam' - translated from Hebrew as - "repairing the world" is a yoke that all humanity bears. Donte enjoys the color teal, origami, knitting and radical anarchol-feminist poetry.

    Donte was sentenced to three months in prison and a $500 fine. He was released on July 7.

    Edward "Naed" Smith
    Naed, 38, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Naed is a Catholic Worker of St. Martin Depores Catholic Worker House from Harrisburg, PA and has worked as a Catholic Worker for 10 years. St. Martin's ministers to the poor by providing food, blankets and shelter in the capital of Pennsylvania. Naed became aware of injustice by spending time in Haiti in 1993 and learning the role of the US government's campaign of brutality in Haiti. Naed is a founding member of the Pax Christi USA Youth and Young Adult Forum.

    Naed served six months in prison and was released on October 6th, 2006

    Cheryl Sommers
    Cheryl, 68, is from Berkeley, California. Cheryl became aware of the struggle to close the School of the Americas by attending an presentation by Fr. Roy Bourgeois at a local high school, arranged by Civil Rights activist, Fr. Bill O'Donald. She writes:

    "The justice committee at St. Joseph the Worker, where Fr. Bill served until his resent death, showed a video related to the issue the next week. I was very moved and gave the price of an airline ticket for someone else to attend the November Vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia. Then Fr. Bill chose to go to prison. It was listening to him speak, along with fellow defendant, Fr. Louis Vitale that made me feel the need to go to the vigil. Once I listened to the stories and experienced the vigil itself, I knew that I would be coming back to go over the line as witness to the need for this Institution to close. When I heard that Fr. Louis was going over again this year, I knew this was the time for me to cross over for Fr. Bill."

    Cheryl was sentenced to three months in prison and a $500 fine. She was released on July 7.

    David Sylvester
    David, 54, is a writer living in Oakland, California. Originally from Buffalo, New York, and other East Coast cities, he has been recovering for many years from his miseducation at the University of Chicago, B.A. in European history, and SUNY-Albany, M.A. in Economics. He has worked in newspapers and magazines as a writer and at local colleges as a journalism lecturer.

    In 1998, he joined a delegation to Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness to break the U.S.-led sanctions by delivering medical supplies and visiting the sick in hospitals. Last year, he officially converted to the Roman Catholic Church. He attributes the decision to the influences of Zen Buddhism, St. Ignatius? Spiritual Exercises and Southern Baptist tradition. He recently studied at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in northern California, but says his interest in less in theological theory than in what Vaclav Havel described as ?living in the truth? - the SOA being one of the most horrific examples of how this society lives out a lie, violating its members? personal and social integrity.

    David was sentenced to three months in prison and a $500 fine. He was released on July 7.

    Priscilla Treska, 66, is from Cleveland, Ohio. Mother of 15, grandmother of 21 and a Montessori teacher, Priscilla is an active member of St. Augustine Catholic Church, where she is involved in several ministries, especially with handicapped children. Her family had been active in hosting Salvadorans making their way to Canada.

    Through the years she has been active in peace and justice actions, and in the last five years the Inter-religious Task Force on Central America (IRTF), and active in the annual demonstration at Fort Benning. She came with plans to refuse bail, meaning she would be immediately incarcerated (she had already wrapped all her children's Christmas presents before leaving home). When Judge Faircloth asked why she was refusing to post bail, she said, "Because I don't want to be part of a system that punishes poor people" - who can't make bail. He replied, "But you are part of the system just for standing here in front of me."

    "No, your honor," she told him. "You can force me to go to jail, but you can't force me to pay bail." His jaw dropped, according to an onlooker.

    After serving 72 days in the Muscogee County Jail, Priscilla was found guilty and released on "time served" in late January.

    Louis Vital
    Fr. Louis, 73, is a Franciscan Priest from San Francisco, California. Fr. Louis is a retired pastor of an inner city church in San Francisco.

    Fr. Louis was sentenced to 162 days in prison (six months minus 18 days). In November at his arraignment, Fr. Louis opted not to bail out of jail in solidarity with those who can't afford to make bail. He completed his sentence and was released in May.

    Jamie Walters
    Jamie, 41, lives in Columbia, Missouri. Nearly five years ago, at 37 years of age, Jamie sat wearily upon the steps of St Francis House in Columbia, an economically displaced person with nowhere to go. He was taken inside, fed and clothed. There began the healing of the spiritual wounds he suffered through years of living in a cycle of homelessness, poverty, hunger and desperation on the streets.

    At the Catholic Worker he was loved without qualification, and learned to love likewise, in kind. Thereafter he become an active member of the Catholic Worker community, participating in the humble work of performing the Works of Mercy (Matthew 25), and developing his skills as an advocate for the less fortunate. In the fall of 2003,with his friend and fellow Catholic Worker and lawyer/activist, M. Ruth O'Neill, Jamie founded St Brigid's Peace House to promote social justice.

    Around this same time, Jamie established Peacestreet Theater, a troupe of local activists that have performed street theater on occasions at gatherings, festivals, marches, at the local armed forces recruitment center, Congressman Hulsof's office, and at the state capitol.

    Jamie was sentenced to one year of probation and a $1,000 fine.

    Frank Woolever
    Frank, 72, is from Syracuse, New York. The middle child of Frank and Francis Woolever, Frank entered the seminary in Rochester, New York and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1959. After working as an associate parish priest for six years, he became the director of Inner City Development under Catholic Charities. In 1971, Frank resigned from the active ministry, completed a masters degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and married Mary E. Schmalzl. They have two daughters.

    Frank also has a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Colgate Rochester Divinity School. During the past 45 years, Frank has worked and volunteered in service to his community in his home state of New York. He has been to Nicaragua five times, first during the Contra War and later connecting with his parish's sister church. Also, Frank has been involved in Pax Christi since 1978. His Syracuse chapter is the longest local chapter with regular meetings in the nation!

    Frank served three months in prison and was released on July 7.

    Jerome Zawad
    Jerome, 68, has been a Franciscan priest for over 50 years. He's based out of Cedar Lake, Indiana. Jerry was active in the Solidarity Movement in the U.S. in the 1980s and has worked closely with torture survivors. He spent six years working in the Phillipines and has traveled throughout Central America. He has worked with Voices in the Wilderness, twice traveling to Iraq as part of the Iraq Peace Team.

    Fr. Jerry was sentenced to six months in prison. He was released on August 2.

    Arrested by Columbus City Police:

    Donna Coustantineau
    Wendy Dwyer
    Mike Murphy

    The "SOA 16"

    November 2006

    Margaret Bryant-Gainer, 38, of Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

    Margaret, 48, of Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia; was arrested on Sunday, November 19, 2006 for crossing the line at Ft. Benning, Georgia to protest the continued presence of the School of the Americas/WHINSEC. Margaret chose not to post bail and was held at Muscogee County Jail.

    She appeared in federal court on January 29, 2006 and was sentenced to 71 days time served. She was released on January 29, 2006.

    Tina Busch-Nema, 48, Kirkwood, Missouri

    Tina Busch-Nema is a stay-at-home mom who describes herself as a "very ordinary person". She loves to garden, hike, canoe and watch St. Louis Cardinal baseball.

    In her ?other life? she was a School Sister of Notre Dame for 11 years. While in the convent, she visited Honduras and at Mesa Grande, a refugee camp on the Honduran/Salvadoran border. It is there that she witnessed some of the effects of the tactics of terror and intimidation taught at SOA/WHINSEC.

    On Monday January 29,2007 Tina was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison, she reported to FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, TX on April 17th. She was released on June 14, 2007

    Read Tina's
    On-line Blog about the trial!

    Don Coleman,69, a co-pastor at the University Church, from Chicago, Illinois

    Don and his wife, Ann Marie, are co-pastors at University Church in Chicago. University Church is a member of two denominations: the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. Don and Ann Marie came to University Church and Chicago in September 1, 1991. University Church played a pivotal role in the Sanctuary Movement in the early 80s. Virgilio Vicente and Isabel Canu and their family came to University Church from Guatemala as part of the movement. Virgilio's parents were killed when their village Saq Ja was razed by the Guatemalan military - trained by the School of the Americas.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Don Coleman was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison, he reported toChicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center on April 17, 2007. He was released on June 14, 2007

    Valerie Fillenwarth,64, a homemaker from Indianapolis, Indiana

    Ed and I have been married for 42 years. We have seven children, five of whom are married, and their spouses we love as our own. We have seventeen grandchildren.

    I am a member of Witness for Peace and was part of the 2003 delegation to Mexico to study the effects of NAFTA on the Mexican people, Pax Christi USA, the 1000 Grandmothers Group, and St.Lawrence Parish. Every week I volunteer at Miracle Place, a neighborhood outreach house, where I help the kids with their homework and provide healthy snacks after school. I've been participating in the SOAW vigils since 1998.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Valerie Fillenwarth was sentenced to 3 months and 10 days in federal prison, she reported to Danbury Correctional Center on April 17, 2007. She was released on July 24, 2007

    Philip Gates, 70, a retired school superintendent from Prescott, Arizona

    Philip E. Gates, a member of Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF), recently returned from Colombia where he served as a Presbyterian Church (USA) accompanier to the Colombian Presbyterian Church (IPC) from June 30 through August 30, 2005.

    On Monday, January, 29 - 2007, Philip Gates was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. He reported to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center on March 21, 2007 and was released on May 18, 2007.

    Alice Gerard, 50, a freelance journalist from Grand Island, New York

    Alice E. Gerard is a freelance writer/photographer. She likes to draw, do needle crafts, sing with choral groups, and take long walks. She lives with her parents and with two cats, Smokey and Zoe, in Grand Island, New York.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Alice Gerard was sentenced to 6 months in federal prison. She reported to the Danbury Federal Correctional Center on March 21, 2007 and was released on September 19, 2007

    Click here to read Alice Gerard's online blog.

    Joshua Harris, 30, from San Diego is a graduate student at Claremont University

    Josh first learned about the SOA in 2003 while hearing the Prince Myshkins perform their SOA-related song "Mimi LaValley and 100 Nuns". At the time, Josh was an undergraduate at California State University San Marcos studying Sociology and Women's Studies with an emphasis in feminist and queer theory. His studies inspired his involvement with social justice issues, and since then, he has been active with anti-war movements and an advocate for immigrant and queer/transgender rights.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Joshua Harris was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. He reported to TAFT Correctional Institute on March 21, 2007 and was released on May 18, 2007.

    Melissa Helman, 23, a student from Ashland, Wisconsin

    I am a 23 year-old student attending Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, about one mile away from breathtaking Lake Superior. I am currently studying Native American Studies with a self designed emphasis in social justice and lifeways. After spending over a year meditating and reflecting upon my experience at the SOA Protest in 2005, I consciously decided to "cross the line" for a small indigenous village of the Way'uu people, in Bahia Portete, Colombia, whom in 2004 expereinced a massacre, killing 12 women and children, and for every being who has suffered from harmful actions.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Melissa Helman was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. She reported to Pekin Federal Correctional Center in Illinois on March 21, 2007 and was released on May 18, 2007.

    Martina Leforce, 22, Berea, Kentucky

    Martina Leforce is an adopted daughter of Kentucky, living in a tree house at the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Formerly a student at Berea College, she spends most of her time pontificating over the state of the world and just trying to keep it in perspective. The local is global, so keep it at home...personal accountability as a means of activism has proven to be the most positive means of keeping the energy happening. Friends keep her inspired and fresh, elders of the community help keep her grounded, and she works because she thinks people are worth it.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Martina Leforce was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. She reported to Philadelphia's Federal Detention Center on April 17, 2007. She was released on June 14, 2007.

    Julienne Oldfield, 69, Syracuse, New York

    Julienne came to the US from the UK in 1978 with her husband and four children. The following year she enrolled in the Arts School at Syracuse University, completing her Bachelor of Arts degree within a few years. After finishing school, Julienne became involved in Peacemaking in her church and in the Presbytery, joined Peace Action CNY, and met local activists in the Syracuse Peace Council.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Julienne Oldfield was sentenced to 3 months in federal prison. She reported to Philadelphia's Federal Detention Center on April 17, 2007 and was released on July 13, 2007

    (Katherine) Whitney Ray, 17, Indianapolis, Indiana

    After living blissfully as a social-justice-loving kid in Indianapolis, Whitney now attends Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. She enjoys dancing, poetry, pie, and "The Godfather." She decided to cross the line during her second SOA protest in honor of the thousands of women and men massacred by U.S. imperialism.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Whitney Ray was sentenced to 1 year probation and community service.

    Sheila Salmon, 71, Sebastian, Florida

    Sister Sheila Salmon, 70, is a member of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, headquartered at Villa Maria, PA. Sister Sheila, a registered nurse, has ministered in the greater Cleveland, OH area, most recently with Hospice of the Western Reserve. She was also a missionary in Chile and worked with AIDS orphans in Kenya. She currently serves as an outreach worker with Mexican migrants, abused and neglected children and hospice patients in Sebastian, FL.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Sister Sheila Salmon was sentenced to 3 months & 10 days in federal prison. She reported to Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institute on April 17, 2007. She was released on July 24, 2007.

    Nathan Slater, 23, Berea / Edmonton, Kentucky

    Nathan Slater, 23, resides in Berea, Kentucky. He is a committed activist for human rights and social justice.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Nathan Slater was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. He reported to FCI Ashland, KY on April 17, 2007. He was released on June 14, 2007.

    Mike Vosburg-Casey, 32, Atlanta, Georgia

    Mike is married with Amy Vosburg-Casey. They live with their chickens in Atlanta, GA. Mike is a self-trained piano tuner who spends lots of time on Atlanta's streets with homeless people & others demonstrating opposition to our country's failed belief that for every problem a military solution exists. Mike is a member of the Open Door Community, a house of hospitality & resistance in the Catholic Worker tradition. Raised in the Catholic church, Mike attends the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, in Atlanta's Auburn Avenue neighborhood, home to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    On Monday January 29, 2007, Mike Vosburg-Casey was sentenced to 3 months & 10 days in federal prison. He reported to FCI Jesup Satellite Camp, GA on April 17, 2007. He was released on July 24, 2007.

    Graymon Ward, 20, Raleigh, North Carolina

    "I am a 20 year old kid who wants to make the world a better place, and who hopes he's on the right path".

    On Monday, January 29, 2007, Graymon Ward was sentenced to 1 month in prison. He was released on Monday, April 23rd.

    Cathy Webster, 61, Chico, California

    Cathy Webster has been active with school, civic, and church affairs during the 23 years she has lived with her family in Chico, CA. After 9/11 she was a founding member of PeaceWorks, a direct action peace group associated with the Chico Peace and Justice Center, as well as a founding member of the North Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation.

    Cathy has two daughters and four grandchildren. She began a successful campaign to bring 1000 Grandmothers to the SOAWatch vigil this year, inspired by the song by Holly Near. She continues to collaborate with grandmothers across the world to use wisdom and soulforce as agents for justice and peace.

    On Monday, January 29 - 2007 Cathy Webster was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. She reported to Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove, CA on March 21, 2007 and was released on May 18, 2007.

    The "SOA 11"

    November 2007

    Gus Roddy On January 28, 2008, Gus was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. He reported to McHenry County Jail on April 3.

    Gus Roddy is an active member of the peace community from Chicago, Illinois.

    Michelle Yipe On January 28, 2008, Michelle was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. She reported to Crisp County Jail on April 3. Michelle was released in early May 2008

    Michelle Yipe was a history major in college, and takes care of her mother in Argonia, KS, near Wichita. She served in the army reserves from 1989 - 1994, and comes from a long line of military family. Some in her family served in the Revolutionary War, and her father was POW in Korea. Michelle was the first female on either side of her family to serve in the army, and is the first to engage in peace protest. A self-described budding peace activist, Yipé first learned about the School of the Americas from a government professor, and later became involved with the local peace group in Wichita. She hadn't planned on crossing the line, but meeting the former prisoners of conscience in November, Michelle felt a connection, and searched her soul. On Sunday morning she marched with the Veterans for Peace, and peacefully crossed onto Ft. Benning, following a tradition of nonviolent civil resisters at the School of the Americas. She wanted to leave a legacy behind for her niece and nephew, that she stood up for peace, and for what she believed in. Yipe believes in peace and freedom, and followed her heart.

    Ed Lewinson On January 28, 2008, Ed was sentenced to serve 90 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. He reported to FCI Elkton on April 3.

    (back row, left to right): Ed, Stephen, Chris, Ozone, Gus, Art. (front row, left to right): Michelle, Joan, Diane, Le Anne.

    Biographical Information:

    Ed Lewinson is a Professor Emeritus of History at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. He crossed the line at the School of the Americas demonstrations in 2003 and 2004 and 2005. The state refused to prosecute him because he's blind. Ed's message to all Americans: First of all, to stop the war in Iraq. To stop the war, to cooperate internationally, to stop the stop torture everywhere, to stop building american bases and to help countries in whatever way help is needed. Demonstrate in the streets and support candidates that really oppose the war to demonstrate against the funding of the war.

    Statement: on Arrest and Conviction

    I crossed in 2003 because of what graduates of the SOA had done in their own countries, in terms of torture and assassination and I wanted to contribute something towards stopping this. By closing the SOA, it increases the awareness of what they did. The only way it'll stop is by having people organize and force it to stop.

    I chose myself to work to stop it. I got that awareness by my contact with news media. Even if they don't do enough, they still can make people aware if enough people organize and point out that awareness is needed. It can't be completely impossible, and the only way it'll stop is if enough people organize and force [violence, militarization] to stop. GE owns NBC and DIsney owns ABC, but there still has to be enough people that force them to do what they have to do. If that's possible, and nobody knows if it is possible or not. But it isn't possible if If we don't try. If we don't try to stop WHINSEC, we know what that outcome is going to be. Only by pointing out the results of violence can we stop violence. There really is no answer except that people have to try to the extent that they're able.

    Art Landis On January 28, 2008, Art was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison. He reported to Lackawanna County Prison on April 10.

    Biographical Information:

    I am 74 years old. I just retired from my 13-year "retirement job" of caregiver for severely developmentally disabled children. Before that, I worked for 27 years in a food production plant. My wife Hilda and I have three grown children and four grandchildren, three of whom are adopted - from India, Korea and Guatemala. I enjoy different kinds of poetry, including protest poetry. I have been interested in the Fort Benning demonstrations for a long time, but this is the first year I was involved in any way.

    Joan Anderson n January 28, 2008, Joan was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. She reported to FDC SeaTac in Seattle on April 3.

    Biographical Information:

    "My name is Joan Anderson. I was born and raised in Wyoming. Being able to see the horizon in every direction is a gift I treasure. I love space and freedom. My family consists of Tom, my husband, who is semi-retired, and three daughters. Tara is 31, Katie is 29, and Lisa is 28. We have lived and worked in the Middle East and have traveled the world. My family is my greatest support. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing golf and air hockey and writing on my blog. (peaceinretirement.blogspot.com) I have been a public health nurse for forty years and recently retired. During those years I worked with farm workers in the Central Valley of California, tuberculosis patients in Houston, and elderly low income folks in Wyoming who have to decide whether to eat or buy their medications. Peace and justice have long been my companions. I have been politically active since college days. I am currently a precinct committee chairperson for my political party. I understand that if one has no power, you must work very hard to change the status quo. I am active with Women in Black, CodePink, Pax Christi, and local peace groups. I am a 2007 Just Faith graduate and decided to cross the line during my second SOA protest. I am proud to stand with my ten other brothers and sisters in this nonviolent action of civil resistance in solidarity with the thousands of victims affected by the SOA/WHINSEC School. "It was the right thing for me to do."

    Ozone Bhaguan Ozone was sentenced on January 28, 2008 to serve 90 days in prison. He reported to FPC Duluth on April 3, and was transferred to FCI Sandstone shortly thereafter.

    I am a prisoner of conscience, and I choose to cross the line so that I may inspire others. I crossed the line because I am UN-AFRAID to live and co-create a reality without war and the symbols the SOA represents. I crossed that line to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of central and Latin America that have been murdered, tortured and disappeared. I crossed the line to commemorate the anniversary of the murders of six Jesuit Priests, their housekeeper and her daughter at San Salvador University in November of 1989 in El Salvador. I crossed the line to commemorate the murders of four Maryknoll sisters, They took Sister Maura Clark and Sister Ita Ford, Maryknoll nuns; Sister Dorothy Kazel, an Ursuline nun from Cleveland; and Jean Donovan, a lay worker from Westport, Conn., to a remote spot, where they raped, shot and killed them. I crossed the line to call public attention to a legislative bill, HR 1707, that has been submitted in the 110th Congress to bring accountability, justice and closure to the SOA. I am here today, because I have a voice. I am what cannot speak; I am what cannot be silenced. Blessed are those that redeem the acts of humanity as their own ozone bhaguan 92123-020: FPC

    Le Anne Clausen


    Le Anne Clausen, 29, faced trial in January 2008 in Columbus, GA for civil disobedience at the U.S. Army School of the Americas. Originally from Mason City, IA, she became active in social justice issues in high school and college. After graduation from Wartburg College (Waverly, IA) and spent four years in the Middle East as a human rights worker, primarily with the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Israel/Palestine and Iraq. She has also traveled with human rights and peacemaking programs to Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the U.S./Mexico border. Clausen received her MA in Christian-Muslim relations in 2006 and is completing her M.Div. degree at Chicago Theological Seminary. She is a candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), and founder of SeminaryAction, the Center for Faith and Peacemaking, and the GlobalServe Co-op --all programs designed to help students, young adults, and new religious leaders cooperate across faith backgrounds in ending violence and restoring the communities in which we live. Her first book, Before Abu Ghraib: A Human Rights Worker's Journal, is pending. You can also read her blog, www.young-activist.blogspot.com.

    Diane Lopez Hughes

    On January 28, 2008, Diane was sentenced to serve 45 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. She began serving her sentence immediately. She was released from Muscogee County Jail on March 11, 2008.


    With our cat, Callie, I am one of two females in a family full of men: husband Patrick; sons Devin (27) in Denver and Brendan (25) in the Mojave Desert in CA, and Spot the cat. After 15 years at St. John's Hospital working in surgery, hospice and home health, first as a registered nurse, then as an MSW, I retired from the day job to spend more time working in peace, justice and environmental activism. In addition, I'm a volunteer parish nurse at St. Joseph Parish in Springfield and in the Franciscan Sisters' Justice and Peace Office. I'm a member of the Pax Christi USA National Council, chair of the Global Restoration Priority of Pax Christi USA, member of the ex com of the Sangamon Valley Group of the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club (on negotiation team for recent SC/CWLP energy agreement), member of the Springfield Dominican Anti-Racism Team, co-convenor and founding member of Pax Christi Springfield (IL), member of the Mary Wood Branch of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, facilitator of Springfield's Grassroots Interfaith Team, member of Greater Springfield Interfaith Association, a Franciscan Associate, and a Nonviolence Facilitator with Pace e Bene, an Oakland, CA-based center for nonviolence. Nonviolent Civil Resistance - 8/2005 at the Nevada Test Site/against nuclear weapons; 5/06 in New York City outside the office of then-US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton/against the detainment of Guatanamo prisoners and the denial of habeas corpus; 7/06 at Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago/to end the War in Iraq and 11/18/07 at the SOA at Ft. Benning, GA/to close the SOA. Participated in Pediatric Surgery program in Guatemala (1993); monitored presidential election in El Salvador (2004); and participated in Witness for Peace delegation to Cuba (2005). Activism includes organizing congressional delegations and citizen lobbying in Springfield and Washington, DC; calling peace friends into action (recent Days of Decision: We the People Declare Peace and other similar weeks of information, education, prayer and action); coordinating the weekly Saturday noon peace vigil outside the Federal Building; and encouraging folks to think outside the imperialist box. I enjoy challenging my spirituality, walking, practicing yoga, biking, reading, traveling, watching movies, gardening, and listening to music.

    Stephen Schweitzer On January 28, 2008, Stephen was sentenced to serve 60 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. He reported to Metropolitan Correction Center in New York on April 3.


    In 2003 I moved to Binghamton, NY and discovered a small group of concerned citizens working on media reform through a collective known as indymedia. Along with this effort, there was a dynamic community of caring people here who constantly brought guest speakers and organized events tied to the vast theme of peace and social justice. I feel fortunate that I have been able to video-record those events for public access television. And quickly those stories of injustice created a larger picture for me. As my video skills improved I began sharing those skills with the youth in our community through organizations such as Gang Prevention, Planned Parenthood, Urban League and others. And the picture of injustice swelled further. In 2006 I was hired as an AmeriCorps VISTA for the City of Binghamton to further share my media skills with our community. This contract ended in September 2007 and I've been floating along in voluntary poverty - sustaining myself with freelance work and temporary jobs. And this feels good. In 2005 I traveled to the SOAW vigil for the first time to document the event for indymedia. By Sunday of that weekend the joy and sorrow and the sense of hope so overwhelmed me that I cried. And I knew there was something special about that event. I returned to Ft. Benning again in 2006 and the feeling was the same and more. By 2007 I realized that it was the right time for me to be a participant - rather than a spectator or documentarian. And the larger reason to participate in this event is to send a consistent message to our government, "War and torture are unacceptable." And now having crossed with 10 amazing new friends I'm grateful for this experience and reassured that there is hope for humanity.

    The "SOA 6"

    November 2008

    On January 26, six human rights advocates appeared in a federal courthouse in Georgia. The "SOA 6," ranging in age from 21 to 68, were found "guilty" of carrying the protest against the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) onto the Fort Benning military base. The six were among the thousands who gathered on November 22 and 23, 2008 outside the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to demand a change in U.S. policy towards Latin America and the closure of the SOA/WHINSEC.

    The "SOA 6" spoke out clearly and powerfully in court. They made a compelling case for the closure of the school and creation of a culture of justice and peace, where there is no place for the SOA mindset that promotes military "solutions" to social and economic problems. The six stood up for all of us working for a more just world.

    Fr. Luis Barrios

    Father Luis Barrios is the Chairperson of the Department of Latin American & Latina/o Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice-City University of New York and a Board Certified Forensic Examiner with the American College of Forensic Examiners. He is also an Associate Priest at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Manhattan, New York City. Fr. Barrios, as well is a Board Member of Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing-Pastor for Peace. Professor Barrios is a columnist with El Diario La Prensa and has been honored with the Media Award-2006-GLAAD as an Outstanding Spanish Language Newspaper Columnist and was nominated again in the year 2008. He teaches courses on gangs, criminal justice, cultural criminology, forensic psychology, US foreign policy in Latin America, Puerto Rican Studies, race and ethnicity, and Latina/os Studies.

    Release date: May 9, 2009

    Theresa Cusimano

    Theresa M. Cusimano, J.D., served as a public interest advocate for twenty years. Her Italian/Irish passion for social justice has led her to work with: the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops on immigration and refugee issues, the federal Department of Education on the Americans with Disabilities Act and more recently with Colorado Campus Compact to support college campus engagement in community problem solving. Cusimano was born in New York, raised outside of Philadelphia and has the joy of living in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. She is both honored and extremely humbled to have participated in nonviolent civil disobedience with her five co-defendants who together, face trial on Monday, January 26th.

    Release date: May 11, 2009

    Kristin Holm
    Kristin is the third seminary student from Chicago to stand trial for civil disobedience at the WHINSEC vigil in the past five years. The others are Elizabeth Deligio, CTU, 2005; and Le Anne Clausen, CTS, 2008.

    On November 23rd, 2008, Kristin Holm, a first year student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC), along with five others, entered the base of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation’s (WHINSEC), which is a federal offense which carries the possibility of up to six months in prison and a substantial fine.

    Release date: May 9, 2009

    Sister Diane Therese Pinchot, OSU

    Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, second oldest of six children, Diane Pinchot entered the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland after graduating from Villa Angela High School in 1963. She graduated from Ursuline College with a BA in Art Education in 1968 and has been teaching since. Her assignments have included Saint Ann’s School in Cleveland Heights, Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, Beaumont School in Cleveland Heights and, for the last 26 years, Ursuline College in Pepper Pike. After completing several degrees -- an MALS at Wesleyan University in Conn. concentrating in metals and a terminal degree an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture in 1990 at Ohio University -- the Diocesan Cleveland Mission Team in El Salvador in 1992 asked her to come and help design and build an altar on the spot where the Churchwomen were found in a shallow grave after they were raped and killed. This significant action slowly changed Diane’s life and over time the Central American martyrs, especially Dorothy Kazel, a member of the Ursuline community, inspired her to become more active in social justice groups within the community and other national organizations. Her artwork has also reflected this transformation, becoming more narrative and engaging the viewer to question the meaning behind the form. She has exhibited her work internationally, nationally and regionally and has come to realize the sacred connection of justice and art making especially when it is grounded in Peace and Love.

    Al Simmons, 64, from Richmond, Virginia, sentenced to 2 months in federal prison

    Louis Wolf, 68, from Washington, DC, sentenced to 6 months house arrest and $1000 fine

    About the 2009 SOA 4
    Nancy Gwin, Ken Hayes, Fr. Louis Vitale and Michael Walli, the "SOA 4", were arrested by the military during the 2009 November Vigil, when they crossed onto Fort Benning to carry our message that the School of the Americas must be closed onto the base.

    Their nonviolent civil disobedience action was an act of love and solidarity with the people of the Americas.

    Federal judge Mallon Faircloth sentenced Ken, Louis, Nancy and Michael each to six months in prison - the maximum allowed for the charge of entry of federal reserve. The extremely harsh sentences are intended to deter others from following the example of the "SOA 4."

    Nancy GwinKen HayesNancy Gwin

    was released on September, 15, 2010

    Kenneth Wayne Hayes

    was released on September, 13, 2010

    Louis Vitale

    Louis Vitale
    was released on July 23, 2010

    Mike Walli

    Michael Walli
    was released

    on June 17, 2010

    You can jail the resister, but you can not jail the resistance! See you in November at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia!

    About the 2010 SOA 4

    2010 Vigil Prisoners of Conscience

    Four activists crossed the line during this year's vigil. David Omandi, a member of the Catholic Workers from Los Angeles and Father Louis Vitale, a Francisan priest from California pleaded "no contest" and were sentenced to the maximum sentence of 6 month in prison. Fr Vitale also crossed last year and in previous years. Chris Spicer from the White Rose Catholic Worker in Chicago and Nancy Smith from the Hudon River Valley in New York returned for trial on January 5, 2011. Nancy pleaded "no contest" and Chris pleaded not guilty, both were sentenced to 6 months in prison.

    Michael David Omondi

    Released May 20, 2011

    Poems by David Omondi
    Letter 1 by David Omondi
    Letter 2 by David Omondi

    Fr Louis Vitale

    Released May 20, 2011

    Letter 1 from Louis

    Letter 2 from Louis

    Nancy Smith

    Released July 1, 2011

    Site devoted to Nancy Smith

    Chris Spicer

    Released July 1, 2011

    Blog devoted to Chris Spicer

    About the 2011 SOA POC

    Theresa Cusimano

    One activist crossed the line during this year's vigil. Theresa Cusimano, a repeat crosser was sentenced to 6 months in prison.
    Released 11-July-2012

    Theresa, thank you for your action.

    When speaking to thousands at the gates of Fort Benning, Theresa asked all of us to contact the mainstream media to get the word out about the SOA and the movement to shut it down: "Our message is not being heard in Congress, our lawmakers have been purchased by other priorities, so youth and students in the movement ask for you to help us in the Court of Public Opinion and go online to the Daily Show's Facebook page, register in for their Forum. Request that Father Roy be invited onto the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. Don't stop until we get Roy's voice into the media mainstream, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and the Sunday morning circuit. Don't let my civil action go to waste." Please ask the following shows to invite Father Roy to speak the chris matthews show hardball@msnbc.com and call (202) 885-4600 Rachel Maddow and Rachel@msnbc.com

    About the 2012 SOA POC

    Robert (Nashua) Chantal

    One activist crossed the line during this year's vigil. Robert Chantal, a repeat crosser was sentenced to 6 months in prison.Robert was released Sept 11, 2013