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SOA Watch Austin member Ken Hayes arrived in DC for the "April Days of Action" on Wednesday, April 6. He visited the fasters in front of the White House on Thursday morning before attending the face to face council meeting at noon. After the council meeting he attended the Faith-based Action in the Anti-Militarization Movement discussion featuring Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Judith Kelly, Padre Vidal Rivas, and Sister Marge Clark. Friday morning he joined the "Operation DisArmageddon" at the Pentagon where about 25 protestors were arrested for leafleting. The police moved swiftly to prevent them from exercising their right to speech and assembly. He then attempted to join the protest at the Honduran embassy, located above a deli, but was too late due to attending the pentagon action. Later at 4:30PM he went to the Vatican embassy to stand with 40 or 50 supporters in a cold rain while Fr Roy attempted to deliver his letter confirming his support for the ordination of women priests. The Secret Service officers prevented anyone from approaching the embassy door or even standing on the grass. Sunday we gathered in Dupont Circle and then marched to the White House where mounted park police were on duty. One their horses seemed a bit skittish and at one point seemed to be dancing to our music. Twenty-seven people participated in the direct action and were arrested after the police used their horses to push the rest of us away.

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Photo Album of the 2011 Spring Actions